Mery Melrose Ancestral Cognac

Grande Champagne

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Mery Melrose

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Groeigebied (Cru) & bodem: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


A 40-year-old Ancestral Cognac from the Grande Champagne

This Cognac is a testament to the heritage passed down to François Mery from his ancestors - who have been in the Cognac trade for over a century. Proud of such a heritage, they present the Mery Melrose Ancestral Grande Champagne Cognac which is a blend of extremely old and precious eaux-de-vie, averaging 40 years in age. Aged for decades in casks before being transferred to demi-johns to lock in the exquisite aromas, it is a true piece of history.

Using traditional methods passed from his father, this Cognac has been twice-distilled this Cognac in a Charentais copper still. The eaux-de-vie are a mélange between those from his family’s private cellar and occasionally selected from neighboring Cognac growers. Available in a limited quantity, it is a precious spirit and an incredible aged expression of the Grande Champagne terroir. Due to its chalky soil and maritime climate, the eaux-de-vie descending from this cru is truly exceptional.

Bottled to order, he ensures a wholesome and responsible process of enjoying Cognac from the vine to the bottle. It contains Premier Cru Cognac, along with organically certified cane sugar syrup.

How to enjoy the Melrose Ancestral

It can be enjoyed by both amateurs and connoisseurs alike and is a truly pleasurable Cognac.

The presentation and label of Mery Melrose Ancestral Cognac

The label and presentation of the Mery Melrose Ancestral is a tribute to generations of savoir-faire. The distinctive design is influenced by prehistoric paintings that can be found on the walls of caves in France. These markings date back 18,000 years, when animals and man lived in harmony together. Mery Melrose are everything that an organic producer should represent in the 21st century.

The bottle for the Melrose Ancestral Cognac features an etching of a bear, and is a 70cl bottle, proofed at 40% ABV.

The Méry Melrose story

Described as both ‘farmer and artist’, Master Blender Francois and Janis Méry created the Cognac brand after being inspired by their love for each other; the rose represents love for their family and craft. They are organic growers, and viticulturists. Francois is a fourth generation Cognac distiller, and has both tradition and his modern innovation to thank. As a young man, he traveled to Australia to work for an independent biodynamic wine producer, and felt inspired to bring his ideas back to France. The process takes place at the maison from start to finish; from harvesting the organic grapes, to distilling and blending. The aging process takes place in their family cellars; the Cognac aging in both old and new Limousin oak barrels of 400-liter capacity.

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Over Mery Melrose

A small, independent cognac estate, Mery-Melrose Cognac produces a small, high quality range of organic cognacs and wines.  Selling to restaurants in Europe and further afield, the brands owners take care of all the steps of cognac making, from the vines right through to the bottling and distribution.

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