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Jon Bertelsen Napoléon Genté Grande Champagne Single Vineyard Cognac

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Grande Champagne

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Jon Bertelsen Cognac

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Light golden brown.


A discreet scent, with sweet tones of fruit and citrus. A favourable cask aroma lingers in the background.


Heavily influenced by the chalk soils of Grande Champagne. Fresh, but concentrated, balanced with a nice length. Full-bodied, with good viscosity.

Growth area & soil: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


Jon Bertelsen Napoléon Genté Grande Champagne Single Vineyard Cognac

Genté Grande Champagne Single Vineyard is a Brut Napoleon Cognac from Jon Bertelsen. The name Genté is related to the village where Léopold Gourmel and Jon Bertelsen are situated, in the heart of the Grande Champagne region. Made from the grapes of the village, this is a Cognac with local charm. Aged for 78 months of storage in oak barrels, it has an extra-fine wood structure complemented by the chalky soils of Grande Champagne.

Produced under a fine process, it is a pure blend crediting Jon Bertelsennature's philosophy of harnessing the gifts and qualities of nature. A house renowned for its creations embodying a very strong aroma and character, the Genté is a balanced Cognac harnessing purity and earth elements to create favourable finishes. Combine this finish with a warming village origin and you have a choice with character and charm.

Presentation of the bottle

A fine simplicity with an eye-catching map to represent the village that the Genté is related to. In keeping with the sophisticated display that Jon Bertelsen is renowned for, this tall bottle is enticingly bold. White, gold and copper effortlessly embodying tradition, whilst the green earthy element of the map brings the location of this blend to life brilliantly. A thoughtful gift to others, or to the self.

How to enjoy

Beautifully enjoyed as an Aperitif to appreciate the freshness the flavour holds. To be sipped slowly to savour the Cognac cask and full finish.

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About Jon Bertelsen Cognac

Jon Bertelsen Cognac is a young modern cognac founded in 1999, which has at its core philosophy to stay true to nature's gifts and qualities. It is produced without additives or chillfiltration, using organic grapes from the Fins Bois region. Each vintage is kept pure and never gets blended, respecting every year's harvest and its weather conditions. Jon Bertelsen's secret is the quality of the wine, which, thanks to its extremely deep roots is very strong in aroma and character. The wine allows the cognac house to produce an exquisite cognac, ranging from a VSOP to vintage bottles.

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