Camus Napoléon Rare Old Cognac

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Camus Cognac

Camus Napoléon Rare Old is a blend with over 100 different spirits from the 5 cognac regions Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fins Bois and Bons Bois. The Camus Napoleon comes in a 70 cl bottle. The cognac was awarded with a gold medal in 1989, at the International Wine and Spirit Competition.
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Tasting Notes
The taste of this cognac is dominated by some earthy fruits, wooden hints. In the mouth: Balanced, remarkable rancio.

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Q&A for Camus Napoléon Rare Old

Dawson 2012-10-16

I have a bottle of Camus Napoleon Cognac set on a wooden cannon stand.On the back of the bottle, there is a mark of dates: 1769 - 1927.I wonder if you could kindly tell me how much this bottle of cognac would cost now. Thank you and regards

    mucho 2012-05-31

    i have got cognak camus napoleon , lagrande marque 1863. nomber 170984 cj. where can i sell it?and how mutch is it cost?

      Patrick 2012-04-01

      re camus napolean le grande marque number 140578 cp.does anyone have a value please wondering I i should insure itI await your reply, Patrick J Mahoney Esq

        Patrick 2012-03-30

        Just wondering the price I should pay for a bottle of Camus Napolean Cognac bottle number 140578 cp. I am in the UK

          Kasia 2012-03-30

          Hi,CAMUS COGNAC have La Grande Marque Napoleon Cognac / Fonde en 1863, number 427865 . I want to know how much it is worth and where to sell it. Please email for information:

            Pete 2011-12-28

            I had this Camus cognac some time ago and loved it. Besides, I also like Camus in general. Perhaps somebody can help me with this: I would like to buy a Camus Napoleon cognac bottle in Russia, Moscow. Where can I buy this cognac? thank you.

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              Camus Napoléon Rare Old

              Camus Napoléon Rare Old

              The taste of this cognac is dominated by some earthy fruits, wooden hints. In the mouth: Balanced, remarkable rancio.
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