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Monsieur Metreau

At the very core of the Cognac Expert DNA is to shine a spotlight on Cognac’s small producers and more broadly protect Cognac’s diversity. Cognac’s big four in addition to many of the other prominent houses we work with at Cognac Expert need little to no introduction. We have been thrilled to present their Cognacs and dive deep into their fantastic work. We know many of their Cognacs have found their way into your glasses - and your hearts. That alone makes our mission successful.

But we are still very keen on exploring the lesser known areas of the region, looking for new producers who are doing interesting work and deserve the attention of Cognac lovers around the world. And since we are based in the southern part of the Charente, one of our favorite areas to explore is this very southern corner of the region, deep in the Bons Bois cru, flirting even with the borders of some of the Bordeaux wine appellations.

Max recently set off from Beaulieu and headed down past Chalais into the rolling and wooded hills of the surrounding area. Some small producers he encountered have since retired or otherwise stopped their production, but one artisanal producer just welcomed Max in and ultimately led to a wonderfully pleasant Cognac discovery.

The paragraphs to follow are Max’s own words on this new find. On to the story…

Exploring the Bons Bois

During my constant search for unknown Cognac producers, I eventually ended up in the southern foothills of the region. After several unsuccessful stops, I finally discovered an old sign that led me to a special farm called “LES HÉRAUDES.”

Upon my arrival, I was immediately struck by the idyllic surroundings: cows, tractors, vineyards, and cornfields spoke of diverse agriculture. The “village,” which was really nothing more than a collection of houses belonging to the estate, conveyed a sense of community and history.

Friendly workers, who were processing grapes in an old wine press, warmly greeted me. To my surprise, I was soon met by the senior of the farm, Monsieur Métreau. He told me that he had since retired and that his son Sébastien, along with his wife Vanessa, now runs the business.

A promising sign that the farm is being led into the future by a new generation.

Monsieur Metreau and his Cognacs

Monsieur Métreau took me to a quaint distillery and offered me two taste exquisite Cognacs: the 15-year-old Vieilles Reserve and the 33-year-old Extra Old XO Cognac, distilled in 1990. He proudly emphasized that both Cognacs were made without added sugar and artificial coloring. Their color and consistency were solely the result of wood aging and water addition. Indeed, both Cognacs were a taste sensation.

As we tasted, he told me more about the region and the unique characteristics of the Cognac produced in Bon Bois. And although I’m no expert on tractors, I couldn’t help but admire the nostalgic collection of old models that stood on the farm.

However, the highlight was when Monsieur Métreau, realizing he had no more XO bottles on hand at his small tasting counter, went to his trailer and triumphantly returned with a bottle of his own Cognac. The way he presented and poured it was a testament to his passion and pride for his craft.

My visit to the LES HÉRAUDES farm was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. Off the beaten path, far from modern production methods, it was a journey into the past and a reminder that true treasures are often found in the most hidden corners. 

Cheers to Cognac and its wonderful diversity. Discover the Cognacs.

Metreau Cognacs: 15 and 33 Years Old

Please note: Due to the ongoing harvest and vinification by Mr. Metreau and his family - and the limited small production - shipping may take a little longer than usual.

33 Years Old

Metreau XO Cognac

Sold out. Sorry, you missed it.

Growth Area: Bons Bois

Cognac Age: 33 Years Old XO Cognac (distilled in 1990)

ABV: 40%

Additives: No sugar, no color

15 Years Old

Metreau Vieille Reserve

Limited small production

$ 61
excl. TAX excl. shipping

Growth Area: Bons Bois

Cognac Age: 15 Years Old Vieille Reserve

ABV: 40%

Additives: No sugar, no color

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