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Yellow Chartreuse

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Color: Intense yellow.

Nose: Fresh and spicy with prominent scents of turmeric and anise, complemented by a burst of citrus freshness. Floral undertones gently weave through the spice, adding a layer of complexity.

Palate: The palate presents a soft structure, balancing the zesty citrus with the warmth of spices. The floral notes subtly emerge, extending the tasting experience and adding a delicate contrast to the initial spice.

Finish: The finish is smooth and lingering, with the floral and spicy elements harmonizing.


Yellow Chartreuse

Originating in 1840, Yellow Chartreuse, inspired by the Elixir Végétal recipe, quickly gained popularity, prompting Father Garnier, the attorney in charge of liqueurs, to officially designate it as Chartreuse Jaune and register the “Chartreuse” mark in 1852. Crafted with a 43° alcohol content, this distinctive liqueur continues to be produced by the Chartreux Fathers.

Chartreuse Jaune's unique character comes from its sweetness, spicy scents, and natural color derived from 130 different plants, flowers, bark, roots, and spices. Its production process, while sharing similarities, stands distinct from Green Chartreuse and involves several weeks of dedicated labor through various stages: grinding by monks at the Grande Chartreuse monastery, distillation for aroma, and diverse maceration types to extract active ingredients and achieve the liquor's natural color. The liqueur is then aged in oak casks for an extended period, allowing it to develop and refine its complexity further.


  • Alcohol, sugar, water
  • Plant substances including 130 plants, bark, roots, spices, and flowers

Presentation of the bottle

The characteristic Chartreuse bottles feature a neck swollen with the seal of the Grande Chartreuse in relief.

How to drink

Appreciated as a digestif, Yellow Chartreuse invites connoisseurs to explore its rich flavors and aromatic power. It is best served chilled between 12° and 13° or on ice. Beyond its traditional role, its incorporation as an ingredient in cocktails since the 19th century adds subtlety and softness, making it a versatile addition to the mixologist's palette.

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