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Lasserre Honey Liqueur Cognac

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Lasserre Cognac

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Lasserre Honey Cognac: A gorgeous blend of honey, spices and eaux-de-vie

The first of its kind in so many ways, the Lasserre Honey Liqueur Cognac is a blend of honey, ginger, spices and secret ingredients from South America - and quality Cognac.

This was the first Cognac liqueur with honey on the market, and has been developed with the expertise of Jean-Luc Braud, founder of Spirits Drinks Consult.

Working closely with Lasserre Cognac’s founder, it went through a precise selection process and some rigorous tastings by a tasting committee.

Take a look at our interview with African American founder, Norvel Lasserre on our blog, to find out the incredible origins of this wonderful Cognac.

In particular, the ingredients of this Cognac have been selected for their natural health benefits, as well as their ability to produce a delicate, refined taste.

Using years of ancestral savoir-faire from the Cognac region, the result is a gorgeous liqueur with excellent texture and warmth of honey.

It will make a stunning gift for Cognac lovers and newcomers worldwide.

The Lasserre Liqueur 750ml decanter

The Lasserre Liqueur bottle is truly sublime. Designed and created by Gabrielle de Vareilles, a graphic designer with notable experience in Bordeaux and Champagne wines, it perfectly encapsulates French refinement and elegance.

The traditional pattern uses the shape of the Fleur de lys, a nod towards Norvel’s Louisiana origins, and modern aesthetics.

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