Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Liqueur Cognac

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The famous crępes recipe ingredient! Yes! Famous Grand Marnier "Cordon Rouge" is a Liqueur, flavored with orange. Distilled essence of bitter orange, sugar and cognac make up the blend. Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge is at 40% ABV alcohol (70 Proof in UK, 80 Proof in US). The blend was created by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle in 1880.

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You must try it with crępes - that's the way to consume this brandy liqueur.

Marnier Lapostolle, Cognac Marnier – a product that’s part of the perhaps more well-known trade name of Grand Marnier, has a history dating back to 1827. Now a worldwide name, Grand Marnier and their related products are still run by descendants of the original founders – the Marnier Lapostolle family. Most famous for their cognac and orange liqueur – Grand Marnier – the house also boasts a range of cognacs under the brand name of Cognac Marnier.

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Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Liqueur

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Liqueur

You must try it with crępes - that's the way to consume this brandy liqueur.

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