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A. de Fussigny L'Heritage Cognac

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Hors d'Age

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Grande Champagne

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A de Fussigny Cognac
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Tasting review

Eye: Rich amber gold with seductive mahogany hues.

Nose: Delicate aromas of candied fruits—pear, orange, and prune, merging beautifully with mild spices and sweet vanilla.

Palate: Subtle notes of chocolate and cinnamon. A velvety texture coats the mouth, while melted notes of toasted almond and rancio finally lead into a long and well-balanced finish.


A de Fussigny L'Héritage: a History of Grande Champagne

The A de Fussigny L’Heritage Cognac is a superb limited edition Grande Champagne Cognac created from a blend of extremely old eaux-de-vie. These glimmering pieces of history range from 30 years to over a century in age, making this is a truly special Cognac for those connoisseurs who know A de Fussigny well. Every aspect of this Cognac screams luxury, from the specially designed crystal decanter that celebrates the 200-year anniversary of the house, right through to the sublime sipping experience provided by the Cognac itself.

The Grande Champagne terroir is famous for its chalky soils and undulating hills, the perfect conditions for creating eaux-de-vie with exceptional depth of flavor; there’s a reason it’s known as the Premier Cru. The eaux-de-vie from this region also benefit from extended aging - something which has certainly been respected for this release. It’s a very special limited edition, and perfect for the most memorable of occasions. It also pairs beautifully with those who like to enjoy a Cuban cigar with their Cognac experience. 

The location of A de Fussigny is enveloped in true history and tradition. Located on the banks of the Charente river, the A de Fussigny estate's distillery and cellars date back to 1814, rich in a history of gabarres passing by on barges, transporting and trading the precious eaux-de-vie and wine that have made this region so famous. The 200-year-old cellars here allow the aging process to take place in a stable humid environment, during which the Cognac can develop all the flavors and quality which represent the hallmarks of this brand. We delve into intricate detail of the house in our blog article, Where innovation meets tradition.  

Presentation of the Bottle

The presentation is something to be particularly highlighted: a hand-blown crystal decanter elegantly showcased in a custom leather presentation case. It’s truly a wonderful Cognac that’s both intense and harmonious, and truly a great flagship product from this craft Cognac house. It’s certainly a bottle to add to any high-quality collection, or the ideal choice as a gift for the Cognac connoisseur. 

How to Enjoy A de Fussigny L’Heritage  

A Cognac that’s been created with the love, passion, and expertise like this deserves all your attention. We highly recommend enjoying this artistic creation as nature intended: Neat, perhaps hand warmed, and from a tulip glass or a brandy balloon. This allows you to appreciate every individual aroma and tantalize your taste buds with its velvety nutty and chocolate notes.

You can also revel in subtle taste differences if you dare drop in a cube or two of ice. This leads to further opening of the tasting experience, as the cold water mixes with the luxury and expertise that’s gone into its creation. But whatever way you choose to sip, be sure to give it plenty of time - this is not a Cognac to be rushed.

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About A de Fussigny Cognac

Located in the historical center of Cognac, France, A de Fussigny Cognac was established in 1814 on the banks of the iconic Charente River. The brand pushes the idea of modern luxury, incorporating tradition, authenticity and craftsmanship with modernity and innovation. The estate's 200-year-old cellar has a particularly humid environment thanks to its proximity to the river, meaning the maturation process produces a high quality and unique character to Fussigny’s Cognac. The estate boasts a selection of Cognacs from all growing terroirs, but focuses primarily on distilling eaux-de-vie from the prestigious Fine Champagne region (Petite and Grande Champagne), utilising the rich soils to concentrate on high quality and a distinct flavor profile. Using ancestral expertise and savoir-faire, the estate's seasoned cellar master blends the finest selection of eaux-de-vie to produce a particular finesse to each flavor, adding a complex character to each individual Cognac.

A de Fussigny Cognac has a no-plastic policy, ensuring they do not use or create plastic waste for their packaging.

Visit Cognac A de Fussigny: 11 rue des Gabariers, 16100 Cognac, +33 (0) 5 45 36 61 36, visits and tastings available Monday-Friday 09:00 am - 12:15 pm, 01:30 pm - 04:00 pm by appointment. Call or contact via their website: www.adefussigny.com.

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