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IWFS Tasting Set

International Wine & Food Society


Welcome to the IWFS Hollywood Cognac tasting. Cognac’s nuance and layered complexity, along with its versatility around the table, allow for a heightened sensory experience with good food and in good company. Bonne dégustation !

François Voyer XO Gold

Age: 20 - 30 year blend

Eye: Old golden color.

Nose: Some fruits, vanilla and a balance between oak and more fruits.

Palate: In the mouth, an elegant force, but smooth. A vanilla fragrance and balance between fruit and wood, typical of old Cognacs.

Pairing: Fermin Jamon Iberico de Bellota

Grande Champagne

C$ 170
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7 bottles left (before they’re sold out, forever)

Vallein Tercinier Lot 89

Age: 29 years old (distilled 1989, bottled 2018)

Eye: A sprinkling of amber and light bronze initially, but the main element on the eye is the striking golden hue.

Nose: Initial hints of citrus and lighter fruits come through. Take another sniff to enjoy the darker and deeper flavors within. Notes of tobacco and cinnamon contrast perfectly with the citrus.

Palate: The palate is exquisite. A hefty chunk of apricot and vanilla can be tasted with lighter themes of prune and Madeira.

Pairing: - Valserena Solo di Bruna Parmigiano

               - Reggiano Roquefort Papillon Black Label

Fins Bois

C$ 229
excl. VAT excl. shipping
91 bottles left (before they’re sold out, forever)

Prunier XO Très Vieille

Age: 45 year average, including 60 year old cognac

Nose: Menthol, leather, candied fruits, walnuts, dark chocolate and a hint of licorice. Creamy tannins melt into rancio, dominated by vanilla and tobacco.

Palate: Delightful elegance and floral finesse. Further notes of archetypal rancio, fresh hazelnuts, dark chocolate and toffee follow into an exceptionally long finish.

Pairing: Letterpress Jamaican Chocolate (70% dark)

Grande Champagne

C$ 310
excl. VAT excl. shipping
42 bottles left (before they’re sold out, forever)

André Petit Hors d'Age

Age: distilled 1990

Eye: A rich, garnet amber that glimmers with age.

Nose: Rich and balanced, some oak and spices. You can find a rich, well-balanced bouquet with considerable finesse and elegance. It releases a delicate flavor of oak as well as lovely spicy aromas of jasmine and tobacco leaves.

Palate: The taste is impressive and old, the finish is long and fresh.

Pairing: Kougin Amann

Petite Champagne

C$ 286
excl. VAT excl. shipping
28 bottles left (before they’re sold out, forever)

Mauxion Borderies Lot 14

Age: distilled 1914 (first winter of WWI)

Eye: Deepest amber.

Nose: A spectrum of aromas rise from the glass; violets, gingerbread, hazelnut and walnut blend together, creating a rich impression.

Palate: Soft and harmonious, with a subtle sweetness and hints of dried fruit - figs, prune, and cranberry - towards the finish.


C$ 1,360
excl. VAT excl. shipping
71 bottles left (before they’re sold out, forever)
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