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International Women's Day 2022

International Women's Day 2022

While here at Cognac Expert, we believe in celebrating women every day, in celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re shining the spotlight specifically on women in Cognac.

With a focus on the women of brands such as Maxime Trijol, Conte et Filles, Laurichesse, Vallein Tercinier, Guillon Painturaud and Brard Blanchard in particular – discover the stories of the women behind these brands below.

Léa Michaud-Laurichesse

Laurichesse: Léa Michaud-Laurichesse

  • Léa is a native of Segonzac, meaning Cognac always held a strong presence in her life, despite not having family roots in the business.

  • After studying international trade and gaining professional experience within the wine industry, moving onto spirits seemed like a natural progression.

  • However, after having her children and no longer wanting to travel regularly with work, Léa became a quality, safety and environment manager for a large distillery.

  • With the dream of developing her own brand alongside Olivier Laurichesse, her ambition and passion came to life when Léa joined Olivier on the property where they now work together in producing quality Cognacs under Laurichesse.

Conte et Filles: Anne-Laure & Blandine

Conte et Filles: Anne-Laure & Blandine

  • Fronted by two sisters Anne-Laure and Blandine, who were born in Cognac, Conte et Filles is a brand that stands proud to be representing women in the world of Cognac.

  • Leaving behind their previous jobs to take over from their father, Bernard, 9 years ago, together they support each other in immersing themselves into the industry.

  • Over the years, they have innovatively developed some of the traditional methods once used, while remaining humble their 17th-century roots and the art of making Cognac.

Guillon Painturaud: Elise & Mathilde

Guillon Painturaud: Elise & Mathilde

  • Run by two sisters: Elise aged 24 and Mathilde aged 26, both were born in Cognac and come from Segonzac, in the heart of the Grande Champagne region, hence their love for this unique terroir.

  • Élise is an agricultural engineer whose career has been punctuated by experiences in Canadian and Argentinean vineyards.

  • While Mathilde attended a business school in Strasbourg and then a university exchange at HEC Montreal.

  • Since the end of 2021, the sisters have taken over the family business at Maison Guillon Painturaud, with Elise taking care of the production side of things, while Mathilde manages the commercial part.

  • Today, they have come together to help you discover the unique taste of their Grande Champagne Cognacs as well as the wide aromatic palette of their very old Pineaux.

Maxime Trijol: Anne-Sophie & Pauline

Maxime Trijol: Anne-Sophie & Pauline

  • In 2013, Maxime Trijol’s daughters Anne-Sophie and Pauline joined him in running the estate and distillery.

  • With Anne-Sophie as the master distiller and Pauline as the cellar master, the brand is committed to finding the right balance between tradition and modern techniques over the generations.

  • Maison Maxime Trijol is one of the largest family-owned Cognac distilleries and boasts a 78,000-hectare Cognac production area in the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne crus.

Brard Blanchard: Sophie

Brard Blanchard: Sophie Brard Blanchard

  • Born in Cognac, Sophie has always been close by to the vineyards of Cognac as she grew up attending the local village school amidst the Cognac growing vineyards.

  • While she didn’t find an immediate or innate passion for Cognac at the beginning of her career, she felt compelled to continue the family tradition in keeping the brand Brard Blanchard alive and took over from her father when he retired in 2007.

  • Today, Sophie front the small family business as the cellar master, while working on the vineyards and the bottling process, managing to sell 50,000 bottles per year.

Vallein Tercinier: Catherine

Vallein Tercinier: Catherine Tercinier

  • Catherine started the family business in 1986 and worked with her father Hubert Tavernier who was in charge of distillation in barbezieux and marketing bottles under the DUPUIS brand at the time.

  • After the passing of her father, Catherine was left to continue the family brand on her own aged just 24 years old.

  • She soon found strength and success by surrounding herself with skilled people who were gifted in their field and passionate about their craft.

  • Today the brand Vallein Tercinier is managed by an equal number of men and women who work continue to nurture their craft and their place in the industry with integrity.
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