Pasquet "L´Esprit de Famille" Bernadette Cognac

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Eye: A pretty and polished copper coin color.

Nose: Aromas of succulent fresh fruit, flowers, spice and damp earth.

Palate: Palate entry has a nutty opening taste, then at mid-palate there’s an expanding profile that includes oaky vanilla. Palate entry is slightly off-dry, with a caramel-like and oak taste. On the mid-palate, the flavor deepens, offering silky tastes of light toffee, almond, butter and vanilla extract. 


Pasquet "L'Esprit de famille" Bernadette - A Thoughtful Tribute to an Unforgettable Woman

The Pasquet Bernadette Cognac is one of two cognacs created in tribute to influential figures from the organic-focused trading house. This one is in honor of Bernadette Grimaud, who took over her father’s Bouteville vineyards in the esteemed Grande Champagne cru in 1974. This bottle contains a cask of the same eaux-de-vie that she distilled from her own grape harvest that very year.

Bernadette was a figurehead for women in the world of Cognac, and the mark that she made is recognizable in the finesse of this offering. This Grande Champagne blend is a very elegant and nuanced Cognac, with plenty of style and grace. With Ugni Blanc grapes harvested by hand and fermented using native yeast, it was distilled in her 15 hectoliter pot still before undergoing maturation in a single barrel until 2018, ready to be enjoyed in the here and now.

And enjoyment it achieves, with a delectable tasting experience that begins with a nutty, caramel opener. At mid-palate, it expands to include oaky vanilla, then deepens to offer a silky combination of light toffee, almond, butter and vanilla extract. On the nose, succulent fresh fruits delight, accompanied by flowers, spices and damp earth.

All of Pasquet’s Cognacs carry the essence of careful, handmade craftsmanship, and the Pasquet "L'Esprit de famille" Bernadette Hors d’Age is no exception. The Pasquet Bernadette arrives in a slim, classic bottle with a ruby red seal, and the powder pink labeling denotes the artisanal craft of this house. It is created in conjunction with the Pasquet Jean Cognac, which was also blended as a tribute. It differs however, with its blue label, a subtle separation to acknowledge each individual inspiration and their respective histories.

Pasquet "L'Esprit de famille" Bernadette is a remarkable cognac. With its flavor, finesse, and family quality, it makes a worthy tribute to a pioneering individual.

Take a look at our blog to find out more about the family values of the Pasquet Cognac maison.

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on  14 August 2020
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Strong sense of balance

After a sunny and hot dinner, when the red sunset sets off a golden paddy field in the countryside, we open this bottle of special cognac together with our brothers and sisters.
At the moment when the liquor is exported, the aroma is mixed with the rice fragrance in the rice field. It is a rare pleasure. We all said "this is the fragrance of nature". The vannina and flowers of cognac are elegant. Then there are candied fruits and woody incense. Drink cognac, let people have a wonderful and pleasant mellow feeling in the mouth, honey, nuts and butter taste constantly present, woody fragrance elegant and lasting,
Let us have a good night,
Thank you for your pleasure!

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