Baron Otard Extra 1795 Cognac

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Otard Cognac

Baron Otard Extra 1795 is a cognac that mainly consists of Grande Champagne spirits, from the 1st cru of the cognac region. The spirits of the houes of Otard age in the cellar of the Château. This Extra cognac was matured in oak casks between 30 to 50 years. This Extra old Cognac comes in a 70 cl bottle and is at 40% ABV.

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Hors d'Age
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Tasting Notes

On the nose one notices a strong rancio, full and rich. The taste is dominated by some dry fruits, cigar box - finally a round and pleasant finish.

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Q&A for Baron Otard Extra 1795

Baron Otard Extra

Johnnie Walker 2016-08-12

I don't know about the modern presentation looking like a duck, but I agree about liking the older style, very stylish in the black decanters, both XO and Extra,,,

    Philipp 2012-06-22

    I don't know why but I liked the old Otard design better. This somehow reminds me of a duck.. or is it just me? Anyway, I'm saying that because I like the cognac itself.

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      Baron Otard Extra 1795

      Baron Otard Extra 1795

      On the nose one notices a strong rancio, full and rich. The taste is dominated by some dry fruits, cigar box - finally a round and pleasant finish.

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