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Louis XIII Rare Cask 43,8 is part of the Louis XIII edition by Rémy Martin cognac. Obviously this cognac is a very old one, with an ABV of 43,8%, cask strength. The cognac is a pure Grande Champagne blend. The decanter comes in a coffret, forged in metal; the packaging shows a royal fleur-de-lys of France, celebtrating historic roots of Louis XIII. Louis XIII Rare Cask Cognac is an upscale high-end cognac, at a price of 10,000 €.

Cognac age:
Hors d'Age
Growth area:
Grande Champagne
Bottle size:

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This established Cognac house has been around since 1724, for nearly 300 years, producing exquisite Fine Champagne Cognac and eau-de-vie de vin. Fine Champagne is the category of highest quality in cognac production. With products such as its famous blend Louis XIII, the cognac house with the black centaur logo on its bottles has found international acclaim and saw an exciting history of family feuds, mergers and in recent years a boom in US popular culture. Today, Rémy Martin is part of the Rémy Cointreau group, a powerful company with various luxury products in their range and a large international distribution network.  

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Remy Martin care cask

Ricardo 2015-04-24

I'm looking for remy Martin care cask 43.8

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    Louis XIII Rare Cask by Rémy Martin

    Louis XIII Rare Cask by Rémy Martin

    Nope. No tasting review on Louis XIII Rare Cask. Do you have one? Share with us!

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