Grosperrin Bons Bois N.70/74 Cognac

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Grosperrin Cognac

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Nose: An opulent bouquet of overripe exotic fruits, notably mango, alongside a hint of ethyl acetate that adds a slightly sharp edge to its rich aromatic density. As the nose develops, it unveils light mushroom notes and some intriguingly 'putrid' touches, a testament to its profound age and unique character.

Palate: A velvety embrace, promising depth despite a subtle initial aqueous touch. It then unfurls into a cavalcade of flavors, from roasted pineapple to Corinthian raisins and gentle spices.

Finish: The finish is not overly long, which is characteristic of a very aged Bons Bois, but it leaves a memorable impression.

Growth area & soil: Bons Bois

Bons Bois

Bons Bois


Grosperrin Bons Bois N.70/74 Cognac

The Grosperrin's Bons Bois N.70/74 Cognac is a rarity and ancient charm coalesces in a bottle. from a quaint estate in the commune of St Genis de Saintonge, this venerable spirit is the legacy of a producer whose passing led to the safeguarding of the oldest stocks by his three heirs. This 42.7% ABV spirit has matured in a damp cellar upon earthen floors, its strength naturally mellowing over the years. Boasting a compote-like richness and a decadent balance, this is a 'drinkable' cognac that seduces the palate with its almost 'putrid' oxidative notes—a sign of a well-worn rancio that beckons one back for more.

Presentation of the Bottle

The vessel that cradles this liquid history. The labeling is straightforward yet elegant, allowing the deep amber elixir to shine as the true star. It's a bottle that doesn't shout for attention but rather, like a wise elder, knows its value and the stories it holds within its glass walls.

How to drink

This cognac is best enjoyed neat, perhaps with a single small ice cube to whisper a hint of coolness into its depths. Allow it to sit, and then take a leisurely stroll through its complex profile.

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Highly Recommended 87 /100

About Grosperrin Cognac

The independent Cognac house of Grosperrin is a relatively new one in the region, having only been established in 1999 by its founder, Jean Grosperrin. Grosperrin is based in Saintes which sits between the terroirs of Fins Bois and Borderies and it is today run by Jean’s son, Guilhelm, who took over in 2004 at just 23 years old.

Guilhelm’s mission is to discover producers all across the region in order to create truly unique Cognacs from the six crus. This vision was made possible by the fantastic relationships Jean Grosperrin built with producers, and that Guilhelm has since built on and expanded. Today, Grosperrin works with over 150 Cognac producers, from which Guilhelm will meticulously select barrels to craft into exquisite end bottles.

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