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Chateau de Montifaud Sèvre Héritage Maurice Vallet Cognac

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Growth area
Petite Champagne

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Cognac age
Hors d'Age

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Chateau de Montifaud
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Tasting review

Eye: Copper with shades of mahogany.

Nose: Licorice and warm spices dominate on the nose, with an underlying base of old leather. 

Palate: Powerful, woody and corpulent notes give away the age of this Cognac. There is a fantastic fruity depth here, leading to complex rancio and a long and harmonious finish.


Chateau de Montifaud Sèvre Héritage Maurice Vallet Cognac

Chateau de Montifaud Carage Sèvre Héritage Maurice Vallet is a very rare Hors d’Age Cognac, a blend of unique eaux-de-vie that date back to the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. This exceptionally old expression has been sourced from a classic terroir: the Petite Champagne. Here, the chalky and slightly rocky soils produce rich, acidic Ugni Blanc grapes that are perfect for making quality eaux-de-vie. While very similar to the produce of the Grande Champagne, they are also slightly less refined and with an underlying rustic character that develops well with age. 

Petite Champagne Cognacs can be great when young, but they truly come into their own when matured for decades - and with this century-old bottling, you’d struggle to find a better example. The result is an outstanding, rich Cognac with a wide range of aromas, great complexity in the mouth and a superbly long finish. 

The Vallet family have been the guardians of Château de Montifaud Cognac for six generations and are today responsible for 125 hectares of vineyards across the Grande and Petite Champagne regions. Specializing in traditional production methods, the family chooses to distil only Ugni Blanc grapes and age their Cognacs much longer than required by law. 

Presentation of the Bottle

The four-sided crystal decanter is made by Sèvre, featuring elegant lines and an oversized crystal stopper. The presentation box is lined with gold silk which lays in undulating folds around the precious bottle inside. 

How to Enjoy Chateau de Montifaud Sèvre Héritage Maurice Vallet Cognac

We recommend you enjoy this fine Hors d’Age Cognac neat in a tulip glass, sipped slowly to fully capture every delicate aroma. Make sure to save it for when you have the time to truly appreciate all the sensory delights it has to offer.

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About Chateau de Montifaud

Owned by the family Vallet for six generations, Chateau de Montifaud Cognac boasts 125 hectares of vineyards that are located in both the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne growing regions. The house produces a large, high quality range of cognacs – including various vintages from years that have had an exceptional harvest. One family tradition that Cognac Chateau Montifaud is proud to follow, is that of when a new baby boy is born to the head of the cognac house, that part of the cognac created from that year’s harvest is set to one side. This is kept for a varying number of years, but may only be sold by future generations.

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