Camus Extra Elegance Cognac

Camus Cognac

A millenium cognac: Camus Extra Elegance is a Hors DAge cognac, a very old one. The blended cognac spirits are between 30 and 50 years old. The extra old cognac was launched for celebrating the new millenium, comes in a 70 cl crystal decanter. The bottle is sealed with a metal-like stopper.

Cognac age:
Hors d'Age
Growth area:
Bottle size:
Age (minimum):
30 years
Age (maximum):
50 years

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Tasting Notes

The color of this cognac is golden, on the nose full, with hazlenut notes. In the mouth the Extra Elegance shows its balance of spices, rancio and smoothness, the aftertaste is long.

Since 1863, five generations of the CAMUS family have cultivated a single-minded passion for crafting great Cognac with their own style. With 180 hectares in the smallest and rarest AOC cru - Borderies - renowned for producing eaux-de-vie with an intense floral bouquet and excellent ageing qualities - the Camus family has always been deeply involved in winemaking and distilling. It is this unbreakable bond between the land, the traditions and the men who live on it, that helps craft superb Cognacs. In 2000, the House premiered with the first ever 100% Borderies XO Cognac. A solid success, it was to become the Camus signature Cognac, offering an outstanding combination of violet and vanilla spice aromas of intense velvety smoothness.

Camus Elegance range is a bold illustration of CAMUS’ Living Tradition with Cognacs that truly respect the original character of the eaux-de-vie and are remarkable for the finesse of their blends. In its ongoing search to explore the diverse regions of the Cognac appellation, CAMUS became the first Cognac House to capture the unique marine notes of the Ile de Ré vineyards. Raised and aged on the island, Camus Ile de Ré Cognacs typically offer fresh iodine notes with hints of dried fruit with archetypal mellow softness. Produced in limited quantities, they offer a rich and unique taste experience. Camus also proposes a Masterpiece collection of rare, limited cuvées, each consisting of a unique, exceptional blend presented in spectacular cases as well as Rarissimes vintages of most extraordinary Cognacs - certified under bailiff’s supervision and bottled without reduction, allowing them to express the full strength of their aroma and character.

2 reviews for Camus Extra Elegance

Joel 2013-09-22

I had once been very impressed with their borderies cognac, so after I read all the reviews I bought a bottle. This product is at best a decent very old cognac, rather then a genuine great cognac as people and company exclaim it to be!I bought on both a bottle Tesseron 29 and this Cognac Camus Extra..Mind you, I have tried about 30 Cognacs of all price ranges.BOTH are totally hyped, overtly harsh & woody to be called a GREAT COGNAC.Have lead me me to let people of great taste and the finer things in life KNOW not to read ANY review from someone who made be pushing these pricy products or consumers who frankly think they know more about Cognac's then they really do. Meaning close to NOTHING!Here is the deal, after a ton of personal experience. If you are smoking a cigar or eating chocolate with Cognac, you can drink a bottle of 'Brandy' from america or france for $25 and it will seem decent. It is only when you drink it straight, does one start to understand the greatness of Cognac and how crazy difficult it is to create a balance, great tasting one, that has been aged long enough without becoming a glass full of wood.High end best Cognacs are Remy Extra Perfection and the -worlds best= Louis XIII. Both have now become over priced due to 'Remy-Cointreau's wildly g r e e d . still if u have the money, they are beyond great! I have had both, more then once.Locate a bottle of Jean Fillioux TRES VIEUX (allow it to aerate in the glass got about 20min before drinking) for less then $100 usd and you will likely never look at Camus EVER again.

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Efi 2013-07-12

HelloIf any one iterested to sell one of camus extra for 250 usd please let me knowBest regards

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Camus Extra Elegance

Camus Extra Elegance

The color of this cognac is golden, on the nose full, with hazlenut notes. In the mouth the Extra Elegance shows its balance of spices, rancio and smoothness, the aftertaste is long.

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