Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Les Twins

NEW Hennessy Very Special

Limited Edition by Les Twins

For the eagerly anticipated 2021 version of Hennessy’s annual Limited Edition Very Special Cognac, the Maison once again stepped it up a notch and collaborated with the French Urban Movement Creators, Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, also known as “Les Twins”.

For this year’s VS interpretation, the artistically innovative pair were invited to create a dual design that expresses the pulse of street culture through freestyle dance, original music, and Hennessy’s first-ever fashion capsule collection. This collaboration marks new territory for the world’s biggest Cognac brand as it introduces not only two hypnotizing and analogous bottle designs to represent one limited edition, but also a multi-media project, conceived around the tagline “Move Out Loud”, that communicates the multi-faceted creative spirit of Hennessy, Les Twins, and France as a whole.

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Purchases are limited to a maximum of 2 bottles per customer.

Hennessy V.S x Les Twins "LIL BEAST"

Limited stock

Hennessy V.S x Les Twins "CA BLAZE"

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Laurent and Larry Bourgeois are identical twins who were born and raised in the projects in Sarcelle, outside of Paris. The pair made a name for themselves as self-taught performers who danced on the Champs-Elysées to earn money as teenagers and soon became renowned as creators of urban movement throughout the Parisian underground and well-beyond. Following a successful appearance on the French version of ‘Got Talent’, and a break-out music video in the US, the duo became well and truly established as unique global talents. The twins have always taken inspiration from their environment, both physically and culturally, and today combine their flair for freestyle dancing, acting, and producing, to blend street culture and intuition, something that they have brought to their innovative collaboration with Hennessy.

Les Twins took inspiration from the the six key stages of Cognac making, from earth and vine to barrel and glass, and interpreted this through freestyle dance. There are intriguing parallels between the art of Cognac making and the creative skill of freestyle performing; as just as Cellar Masters harmoniously blend eaux-de-vie together to produce an exceptional Cognac, Les Twins seamlessly combine singular movements to deliver a synergistic performance.

For the 2021 Limited Edition bottle release, Hennessy used motion capture technology to preserve the dynamic energy of Les Twins’ live performance and transform those digital images into a unique and original bottle design. Hennessy chose to release two designs, to represent each of the twins, with the ‘LIL BEAST’ bottle featuring a likeness to Laurent and “CA BLAZE” to Larry, and both bottles bear a QR code that allows the consumer to unleash the full movement experience.

Not only does the Les Twins limited edition release interpret the duos performance for its visual design, it also reimagines some of Hennessy’s iconic features such as the emblematic bras armé which for the first time since the Maison’s founding in 1765, appears in double. The typography used on the bottle has also been restyled from Hennessy’s classic font to better resemble Les Twins’ style, serving as a striking bridge between time-honored tradition and contemporary culture.

Les Twins’ exploration of Hennessy and the craft of Cognac making not only influenced the pair’s freestyle dance performance, but also inspired Laurent and Larry to compose and record an original single, called ‘Mirror’, with lyrics that are an ode to both Hennessy and a shared pride in French heritage.

In another first for Hennessy, the Maison is releasing ‘Mirror’ as an original music video, one which features a captivating performance from the artistic duo and embodies the “Move Out Loud” ethos of “Never Stop. Never Settle.”

The collaboration does not stop there - as Les Twins’ career spans multiple industries, from dancers, to singers, to models, muses and entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, Hennessy’s collaboration with the multi-talented pair instinctively lead the House to also break new boundaries. For the first time ever Hennessy is entering the fashion industry, with Larry and Laurent Bourgeois acting as creative directors and working closely with the Paris-based fashion designer Stéphane Ashpool to create an inclusive, stand-alone capsule collection.

The capsule collection is packed with energy, flair and color, it is a unisex streetwear range with t-shirts, hoodies, asymmetrical shirts, bombers, pants and accessories. Les Twins’ taste for sartorial discretion is reflected in the design of the collection and the double bras armé logo reimagined for this collaboration by Hennessy takes prides of place on all of the pieces.

This extensive collaboration knows no bounds, spanning multiple medias it speaks to the artistic influence Hennessy holds. Hennessy Very Special X Les Twins bottles will be available to purchase from mid-September.

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