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Hennessy Limited Editions

Hennessy Limited Editions

Hennessy Limited Editions

The world’s largest Cognac house, Hennessy, has become (even more) renowned for its exciting and versatile collaborations with artists, designers, architects and more. 

Each year Hennessy announces an array of new limited-edition releases that have been dreamt up by the world’s most artistic minds and often inspired by the magic behind the Cognac blends themselves. 

Have a read through our catalog of all Hennessy Limited Edition bottles over the years as we explore the influences behind each design and take a closer look at the personalities that brought them to life: 

Hennessy Limited Edition 2023

All Hennessy Limited Editions launched in 2023

VSOP Limited Editions 2023

Hennessy VSOP Lunar New Year 2023 Limited Edition by Yan Pei-Ming

Hennessy Limited Edition VSOP Yan Pei-Ming is an exquisite blend of renowned cognacs, crafted and aged patiently by master blenders, and presented in a unique bottle designed by renowned artist Yan Pei-Ming. This limited edition VSOP Cognac is a unique blend of eaux-de-vie from the four premier growing areas of the Cognac region, all aged for more than four years.

Its unique flavor and aroma is the result of a meticulous selection and delicate blending of the most sought-after eaux-de-vie in the region. The elegant and smooth taste reveals delicate notes of orange peel, vanilla, and dried fruits, with the characteristic Hennessy richness. The design of the bottle, featuring a striking portrait of an elderly Chinese man, celebrates the artist's own vision of China's past and present. This one-of-a-kind cognac is a special addition to any connoisseur's collection.

XO Limited Editions 2023

Hennessy XO Lunar New Year 2023 Limited Edition by Yan Pei-Ming

In celebration of the upcoming Lunar New Year 2023, Hennessy is proud to commemorate the year of the Rabbit with a limited edition version of the iconic Hennessy XO Cognac. Designed by Yan Pei-Ming, one of the world’s most celebrated and sought-after contemporary artists, this unique bottle features the artist’s monumental painting, "The Great Race", a vibrant composition that shows the zodiac bestiary galloping in unison, evoking a message of freedom, inclusion, and interconnectedness.

Hennessy XO was the first Cognac produced by the brand back in 1870 when Maurice Hennessy created the blend for his friends. Since then, the iconic Cognac has become the emblem of Hennessy, renowned for its deep and powerful flavors that have come to life through the essence of time. Matured in oak casks following double distillation in copper stills, the refined quality and pioneering know-how are what gave the House of Hennessy the world-class legacy that it owns today.

Hennessy x Kim Jones Limited Edition Cognac

Hennessy X.O. Cognac Limited Edition is proud to present its latest collaboration with world-renowned British artistic director, Kim Jones. This unique partnership transcends couture and cognac, bringing together two iconic entities to create a collection that celebrates the legendary blend's impact on culture.

Kim Jones pays singular tribute to two processes that call for an understanding of science, nature, and know-how in the Hennessy X.O. Limited Edition bottle design. Enclosed in an aluminum "second skin," the bottle remains faithful to the emblematic shape of the Hennessy X.O. decanter, highlighting its characteristic curves and shape. This structure embodies the fusion between creation and heritage of the House of Hennessy. Kim Jones, known for his contemporary yet minimalist approach, has infused his sportswear and graphic vision into the new Hennessy X.O. decanter.

The designer was particularly interested in the history of Hennessy bottles and the fact that generations have spent their time improving each step of the process. Kim Jones' design speaks volumes about the craftsmanship involved in making each decanter and how they are handled.

Hors d'Âge Limited Editions 2023

Hennessy Paradis x Yan Pei-Ming Cognac

Hennessy Paradis, created by Maurice Fillioux in 1979, is a harmonious cognac known for its graceful, silky character and rich copper color. It's a perfectly balanced blend, both voluptuous and round, that combines smoothness and strength with a silky texture, leaving a flavorful and deep, persistent finish. This year, to celebrate the year of the Rabbit, Hennessy has collaborated with Yan Pei-Ming, a famous contemporary artist who was born in Shanghai and has been living and working in France since 1980.

Yan Pei-Ming has created a collection that honors the diversity of the Chinese zodiac. Through his joyful celebration, he conveys a message of inclusion, hope, and a promise for a better future after a particularly difficult time. The collection depicts the animals of the zodiac, which symbolize a unique truth: "Together, we go further." To celebrate the year of the Rabbit, Hennessy has collaborated with the French porcelain house, Bernardaud, to create a Limited Edition porcelain decanter for Hennessy Paradis. The decanter is adorned with a bold and audacious background featuring the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, which have been reimagined by Yan Pei-Ming. The collaboration between the artist and the Maison Bernardaud resulted in the creation of only 888 of these exquisite decanters. This elegant Hennessy Paradis cognac in a porcelain decanter by Yan Pei-Ming and Bernardaud is the perfect way to celebrate the year of the Rabbit.

Hennessy Limited Edition 2022

All Hennessy Limited Editions launched in 2022

VS Limited Editions 2022

Hennessy JonOne VS Limited Edition Series Cognac

This blend of over 40 eaux-de-vie from the four premier growing regions of Cognac is a collaboration with JonOne, a Dominican Republic born street artist who now commits his works of art to canvas as well. His works have been displayed worldwide, and now also graces the Hennessy JonOne VS Limited Edition Series Cognac. While the label is new, the liquid inside the bottle is still Hennessy’s signature.

To create this stunning VS expression, only the finest Ugni Blanc grapes are selected, fermented and distilled twice in copper pot stills. After distillation, only the best eaux-de-vie will be selected during tasting sessions held by a select committee of experts, with the final blend crafted by Hennessy’s eighth-generation master blender, Renaud Fillioux de Gironde.

SPECIAL Limited Editions 2022

Hennessy Master Blender's Selection No. 4

The Master Blender’s Selection N°4 is a personal blend and a distinctive expression of the Hennessy craft. Fresh with a supple elegance, this single-batch was hand-selected by Master Blender Renaud Fillioux de Gironde and is the fruit of his creativity. Nothing captures the spirit of craftsmanship at Maison Hennessy more than the Master Blender’s Selection. N°4 is one of a unique series of limited edition releases, curated with freedom by the master blender, as unlike other Hennessy Cognacs, it will not be replicated. A truly one of a kind Cognac, that can be described as mastered simplicity with a modern touch of sophistication.

As the largest Cognac producer in the world, Hennessy dominates the Cognac region and spreads over the four grand cru regions including; Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois. With the largest reserve of eaux-de-vie worldwide, the choice of aromas means that this Cognac house has the ability to create some of the most exquisite and complex Cognac blends the industry has to offer. Matured in oak casks following double distillation in copper stills, the refined quality and pioneering know-how are what gave the House of Hennessy the world-class legacy that it owns today.

VSOP Limited Editions 2022

Hennessy VSOP 2022 Holiday Limited Edition Cognac

Warm gatherings deserve great Cognac, to be shared as drinks or offered as gifts. For the 2022 festive season, the Hennessy V.S.O.P celebrates this dear tradition with joyful, vibrating colours and a touch of modernity. The Cognac Limited Edition captures the holiday spirit with its red metallic casing and carafe and comes with four coasters, making it the perfect gift for any occasion.

Hennessy V.S.O.P is a balanced Cognac, expressing 200 years of Hennessy's know-how. The fruit of nature’s uncertainties, this unique blend has tamed the elements to craft and embody the original concept of Cognac. The emotion awakened by the pleasure of tasting it continually reveals new facets of its personality, making it the perfect addition to any holiday celebration.

XO Limited Editions 2022

Hennessy XO Limited Edition Holidays 2022

For the 2022 holidays, the Hennessy XO Limited Edition 2022 comes in a bold and colorful style ideal for gift giving. The limited edition combines traditional motifs with modern aesthetics. The copper-colored metal body and carafe feature an ice stamp. Prepare to be taken on an epic journey exploring each and every one of your senses, with the Hennessy XO Extra Old Cognac. The origins of the age denotation ‘Extra Old’ in fact date back to the Hennessy maison, when Master Blender Maurice coined this English term in 1870 in accordance with its strong connection to foreign countries, such as the US and Great Britain. Each of the eaux-de-vie contained within this fine tapestry of spirits are between 10 and 70 years old, and there are more than one hundred of them contained in this fine blend of Hennessy XO. The average age is around 45 years old, making it an exceptionally fine-tuned selection that is bound to be one of your fondest tasting memories for the rest of your life.

It comes as no surprise that such a rare and magnificent piece comes from the house of Hennessy. A truly modern brand, that has no end to its innovation, there is always something special on offer with each creation. Dating back to 1765, the Hennessy house knows exactly how to adapt to craft timeless Cognac’s, with a rare edge. Showcasing that brilliantly, this piece is a beautiful representation of all the Hennessy house has to offer.

Hors d'Âge Limited Editions 2022

Hennessy Paradis Cognac by Zhang Enli

For the curation of Hennessy Paradis Cognac by Zhang Enli, the premium French porcelain company Bernardaud collaborated with Hennessy Paradis on a craft, limited-edition porcelain decanter, detailed by Zhang Enli.

Produced in collaboration with the French heritage house Bernardaud and hand-decorated in the porcelain maker’s atelier in Limoges, the one-liter Hennessy Paradis carafe exists in a limited, numbered edition of only 555 one-litre carafes. It is presented in a beautifully crafted wooden box that is intended to enjoy a second life as a decorative object in the home. For the first time, special editions of Hennessy X.O and Hennessy V.S.O.P inspired by Zhang Enli’s “Poetry and Wine Welcome the Tiger” will be accompanied by a collector’s edition of Hennessy Paradis, also inspired by this artwork for Chinese New Year.

For this design, Enli created an abstract representation of the tiger with striking sweeps of cobalt, gold, scarlet, tangerine and sunshine-yellow against the luxury white porcelain. His vibrant artwork, 'Poetry and Wine Welcome the Tiger' celebrates the poetry, optimism, and vitality of the Chinese New Year.“The artwork is about spirit and sense over appearances; about the force of transformation, even in the tiniest details,” Enli says.

Hennessy Limited Edition 2021

All Hennessy Limited Editions launched in 2021

VS Limited Editions 2021

Hennessy VS Limited Edition by Les Twins

For the eagerly anticipated 2021 version of Hennessy’s annual Limited Edition Very Special Cognac, the Maison once again stepped it up a notch and collaborated with the French Urban Movement Creators, Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, also known as “Les Twins”.

For this year’s VS interpretation, the artistically innovative pair were invited to create a dual design that expresses the pulse of street culture through freestyle dance, original music, and Hennessy’s first-ever fashion capsule collection. This collaboration marks new territory for the world’s biggest Cognac brand as it introduces not only two hypnotizing and analogous bottle designs to represent one limited edition, but also a multi-media project, conceived around the tagline “Move Out Loud”, that communicates the multi-faceted creative spirit of Hennessy, Les Twins, and France as a whole.

Laurent and Larry Bourgeois are identical twins who were born and raised in the projects in Sarcelle, outside of Paris. The pair made a name for themselves as self-taught performers who danced on the Champs-Elysées to earn money as teenagers and soon became renowned as creators of urban movement throughout the Parisian underground and well-beyond. Following a successful appearance on the French version of ‘Got Talent’, and a break-out music video in the US, the duo became well and truly established as unique global talents. The twins have always taken inspiration from their environment, both physically and culturally, and today combine their flair for freestyle dancing, acting, and producing, to blend street culture and intuition, something that they have brought to their innovative collaboration with Hennessy.

Les Twins took inspiration from the the six key stages of Cognac making, from earth and vine to barrel and glass, and interpreted this through freestyle dance. There are intriguing parallels between the art of Cognac making and the creative skill of freestyle performing; as just as Cellar Masters harmoniously blend eaux-de-vie together to produce an exceptional Cognac, Les Twins seamlessly combine singular movements to deliver a synergistic performance.

For the 2021 Limited Edition bottle release, Hennessy used motion capture technology to preserve the dynamic energy of Les Twins’ live performance and transform those digital images into a unique and original bottle design. Hennessy chose to release two designs, to represent each of the twins, with the ‘LIL BEAST’ bottle featuring a likeness to Laurent.

“CA BLAZE” features a likeness to Larry, and both bottles bear a QR code that allows the consumer to unleash the full movement experience.

Not only does the Les Twins limited edition release interpret the duos performance for its visual design, it also reimagines some of Hennessy’s iconic features such as the emblematic bras armé which for the first time since the Maison’s founding in 1765, appears in double. The typography used on the bottle has also been restyled from Hennessy’s classic font to better resemble Les Twins’ style, serving as a striking bridge between time-honored tradition and contemporary culture. Hennessy Very Special X Les Twins bottles will be available to purchase from mid-September.

VSOP Limited Editions 2021

Hennessy VSOP Privilege Limited Edition by Refik Anadol

For the 2021 Privilege release, Hennessy has collaborated with media artist, director and pioneer in the aesthetics of data and machine intelligence, Refik Anadol. Refik uses the data that has become so integral to the modern world around us as his key material and interprets digitalized memories to create radical and innovative art. 

Through 3D data mapping, Refik visualized and transformed the emotions of the Hennessy tasting committee into colors, shapes, reliefs and textures that were then used for the 2021 Hennessy VSOP Privilege Limited Edition bottle. His work gives life to previously invisible sensory experiences, making them suddenly tangible in the form of a harmonious and poetic surface design. The transformation of data into art also acts as a metaphor for the blend of the Cognac itself, which is the result of the combination of eight generations of Master Blenders’ know-how. 

Hennessy VSOP Lunar New Year

Liu Wei has dressed the original bottle’s shape in a robe of rich and vibrant colors, inspired by a painting entitled SPRING that represents the endless opportunities for growth.

The color palette reflects Liu’s trademark artistic style and evokes feelings of movement and a sense of transformation. The synergy of red and purple is a nod towards Hennessy’s skill in perfectly blending eaux-de-vie to produce the world’s most popular Cognac. 

XO Limited Editions 2021

Hennessy XO Lunar New Year

As with the VSOP Limited Edition for 2021, Hennessy asked international acclaimed artist Liu Wei to also redesign its XO bottle in celebration of the Lunar New  Year and the beginning of the Year of the Ox. 

For the XO version of her design, Liu seamlessly blends together hues of red and gold in the same way that Hennessy skilfully blends its eaux-de-vie. The warm and luxurious colors of the carafe remind us of the infinite possibilities that come with the new year and a sense of excitement at what it will bring. 

Hennessy said of its collaboration with Liu Wei: 

“The Year of the Ox is traditionally associated with openness, hope, and confidence. In that spirit, Hennessy has partnered with world-renowned Chinese artist Liu Wei for this year’s Lunar New Year limited release of Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège and X.O to commemorate the occasion,”

Hennessy Limited Edition 2020

All Hennessy Limited Editions launched in 2020

VS Limited Editions 2020

Hennessy is well known for its love of a limited edition bottle, and we’re certainly not complaining. It’s always exciting to see what new collaborations and works of art they will produce to house their liquid gold. 

The world leading cognac house did not disappoint in 2020 with not only the release of its XO special editions but also two VS bottles and two VSOPs. 


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their VS limited edition cognac, Hennessy collaborated with the acclaimed South African artist FAITH XLVII to produce a design that features stunning calligraphy and gold leaf detailing. The artist uses symbols of both the sun and time which draw attention to the process of cognac production; the natural elements that are so vital to eaux-de-vie and the years spent waiting for them to age to perfection.

Hennessy VS Gold Cognac Limited Edition

The second VS Limited Edition from Hennessy in 2020 is this dazzling gold bottle in collaboration with the NBA. The Hennessy Limited Edition Gold marks the house’s first-ever partnership with a US sports league. Hennessy addressed the partnership by saying that for more than 250 years, it had celebrated those who push the limits of potential though its “Never stop. Never settle.” ethos and it will continue this tradition by celebrating the spirit of the NBA. 

VSOP Limited Editions 2020

Hennessy Chinese New Year Zhang Huan VSOP

A must for any collector has got to be the Hennessy Chinese New Year 2020 Zhang Huan VSOP Cognac. Zhang Huan is a contemporary artist who has celebrated the Year of the Rat with his vibrant dreamscape design which was created on a canvas over five metres long. The stunning work of art is inspired by Hennessy’s library of eaux-de-vie which Zhang reimagined as a metaphor with many mystic layers of meaning. 

Hennessy VSOP Privilege Limited Edition 2020 by UVA

The final 2020 limited edition bottle from Hennessy comes in the form of this collaboration with London-based art collective United Visual Artists (UVA). 

UVA have composed a dynamic kinetic light installation inspired by the beauty of Hennessy eaux-de-vie and the creation process. Their “Harmonics” piece has been captured in the time-space continuum and is the first of its kind. 

This limited edition bottle captures the “Harmonics” piece both dynamically and creatively as the materials used manipulate light and the viewer’s perception. 

XO Limited Editions 2020

The term “XO Extra Old Cognac” was coined by Maurice Hennessy himself - who was the founder and Master Blender of the house of Hennessy back in 1870. Since then, the term has been used worldwide to represent a blend of eaux-de-vie that have matured for anywhere between 10 and 70 years. Hennessy XO contains one hundred blends that average out to offer a cognac of 45 years of age. 

Putting the art in cognac, Hennessy XO joined forces with world-renowned architect Frank Gehry to create a one of a kind decanter costing 17,000 dollars - all in celebration of Hennessy XO’s 150th anniversary in 2020.

Hennessy XO Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry is known for his iconic architectural design work and his signature sculptural style, which has flourished through a career spanning over six decades. 

Examples of his work can be found all around the world and include the likes of Bilbao Guggenheim in Spain, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Opus Tower in Hong Kong and the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris.

The collaboration transforms Hennessy XO’s recognisable bottle into a visual work of art that combines gold and glass together, in representation of the rich legacy that the house of Hennessy holds today. 

Paying homage to both movement and light, Frank Gehry remains true to his usual philosophy and approach to work when designing his architectural masterpieces. Gehry’s values hone in on the surrounding nature as he draws inspiration from the environment. For this piece, inspiration was taken from the rich Hennessy blend itself and the shining Charente River running through the Hennessy Maison. Gehry was also influenced by the all-important soil, entwined vines and admirable savoir-faire found at the Hennessy vineyards when designing the decanter. 

The Hennessy X.O Frank Gehry bottle is wrapped in a crinkled sleeve of 24-carat gold-dipped bronze, which embodies the flowing movement of water as it reflects the light. The sculptural decanter is encased by a fractured glass glorifier, which further amplifies the inspiration of water and light.

Each of the 150 limited-edition bottles (one for each year since the launch of the original Hennessy XO) are numbered and imprinted with Gehry’s signature and would make the dream bottle for Cognac collectors alike.

Hennessy donated the proceeds from Frank Gehry’s creation to their new initiative called ‘Unfinished Business’, which strives to help small businesses suffering the wrath of COVID-19.  

Hennessy XO by Frank Gehry

Cognac connoisseurs who don’t have the means to land themselves the limited edition, 24-carat gold decanter are in luck – as the Hennessy XO Frank Gehry collaboration doesn’t stop there! 

Hennessy also launched an additional and much more affordable Hennessy XO 2020 limited edition bottle design that is much more affordable! The golden and deep red carafe’s design takes its inspiration from the fabulous force of nature that goes into producing the rich eaux-de-vie of this blend, this is demonstrated from the patterns of vines and grapes that are artistically embossed on it. 

Hennessy Limited Edition 2019

All Hennessy Limited Editions launched in 2019

VS Limited Editions 2019

Hennessy VS Felipe Pantone

Hennessy VS Felipe Pantone: Fans of Hennessy’s collaboration with the hottest artists of the moment were delighted with the 2019 release, ‘Remixing the Present’, which was created with leading contemporary artist, Felipe Pantone.  

This Hennessy VS limited edition is a striking demonstration of the talent of the Argentinian-Spanish artist, whose work embraces kinetic art, graffiti, bold color and geometric patterns. 

After meeting with Hennessy Master Blender, Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, Pantone was commissioned to create two unique pieces of art for the cognac giant. To gain inspiration he was granted access to the precious Hennessy archives to view antique bottles, long-forgotten packaging, ancient labels and vintage advertising. 

Pantone says of his work, which is entitled W-3 Dimensional Three Stars:

“Whether it’s in art or in Cognac-making, you need to appreciate the past but at the same time it’s important to constantly reinvent yourself if you want to keep the flame alive. My work is informed by the past, but it’s totally contemporary. I like to transcend time through an unexpected experience that you can only have through art. I’m always trying to jump on the next wave, to innovate.”

In addition to utilizing many of Hennessy’s historical elements, he skilfully married in aspects of his own signature, such as the lightning bolt. This Felipe Pantone Hennessy bottle joined an illustrious list of previous such artist-inspired bottles. These include those VHILS, OS Gemeos, Futura, Shepard Fairy, JonOne, and Ryan McGinness. Pantone’s release was the 9th such artist collaboration and followed in the footsteps of its predecessors by selling out fast. 

Interestingly, Felipe Pantone has managed to achieve his fame without ever publicly revealing his face. Clever use of positioning, props, goggles and masks in his publicity shots have added to his mystery (although perhaps not quite on the same level as Banksy). However, it’s a great self-marketing ploy, and one that’s been continued in the promotion of this limited edition.

As with the other artist bottles, the cognac within is the regular Hennessy VS. It’s the bottle itself that is the limited edition. In addition to the launch of this work of art, Hennessy also showcased two Pantone-inspired cocktails - the Ginger Sour and the Apricot Sour.

Hennessy VS Osa Seven

Hennessy VS Osa Seven: 2019 was a strikingly vibrant year for Hennessy’s limited edition bottles. This colorful VS limited edition is from exciting Nigerian urban artist, Osa Seven, and was released to mark the official 10th anniversary of Hennessy Artistry in Nigeria. 

Hennessy Artistry is a multidisciplinary initiative designed to center on music events, artistic innovation and taste experiences to celebrate Hennessy’s art of blending with local culture and flavors. This limited edition VS bottle honors a decade of incredible music and artist collaborations with Nigeria’s cultural circuit. 

Osa Okunkpolar, also known as Osa Seven, who designed this bottle, is acclaimed not only for his works on canvas but also for his work on walls, shoes, cars and posters. He is certainly a name to watch out for. 

Osa’s heritage and personal culture are central to his artwork, and his talent in graffiti and urban art has gained him considerable recognition. Seven’s multidisciplinary talents across visual art, dance and music have made him a pivotal figure within the contemporary Nigerian art scene, and he certainly sets an example for innovative self-expression. 

He explains that when he was younger, many people didn’t believe a graffiti artist could make anything of themselves. However, he paints words that will inspire children to have hope - with words such as happiness, joy, collaboration and peace.

Seven is the founder of Socially Africa’s “Art for a Cause” volunteer program, designed to help bolster community engagement and development.

Inspired by the Nigerian community and its vibrant culture, the primary element of the Osa Seven Hennessy bottle is exuberant color. The graffiti-style Pop Art brings oblique patterns, Nigerian iconography and shapes together, with a ‘7’ logo to represent the artist. 

VSOP Limited Editions 2019

Hennessy VSOP by Guangyu Zhang

Hennessy VSOP Privilege Limited Edition 2019 by Guangyu Zhang: The skill of producing great cognac has much in common with all other forms of art. It takes a special kind of person to be able to turn thoughts and ideas into something tangible, that you can see, taste, or smell and the house of Hennessy is well known for its collaborations with some of the most talented emerging artists in the world.

To celebrate the 2019 Chinese Lunar New Year, the number one cognac brand joined forces with the artist, Guangyu Zhang, to create a rather extraordinary work of art that represents the beauty of the circle of life. 

The stunning visual collage created by Guangyu Zhang symbolizes the dreams of both past and present, and of heaven and earth. The image, which contains two concentric circles, uses the stunning impact of shades of red and blue. The resulting form is an artistic representation of the craftsmanship that goes into creating Hennessy cognac. 

The two circles are representative of the double distillation process, the age-old process that takes place within copper stills. The ship navigating across the lake is laden with the gift of Hennessy cognac, and the vessel arrives in the heart of China right at the time of the Lunar New Year, with all the hope and promise that this brings. To further comprehend the image, you need to understand that the ancient Chinese saw the world as a flat earth under a dome-shaped sky. The natural world is depicted by the images of the boar, the crane, and goldfish. All of this comes together to represent the natural circle of life, and the hopes and dreams this beautiful cycle brings with it. 


A rising artistic star in Bejing and London

Shanghai-born artist, Guangyu Zhang, is certainly a rising star. He studied at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China, and also in the UK at Central Saint Martin’s College. He was selected by Saatchi Art as one of the ‘Best of 2014’ artists, as well as being on their ‘One to Watch’ list. His work has been displayed around the globe, including at the Tate Britain in London, and at solo exhibitions throughout Hong Kong and China.

His aim when creating this image for Hennessy was to translate the feeling he found in Cognac into one of color and sense. He says of the work, “To me, there’s an obvious harmony between my world and Hennessy’s. Hennessy Cognac is created thanks to the passion of eight generations of master blenders. It is multi-dimensional”.

The Guangyu Zhang Hennessy designs are available as both a VSOP and XO bottle. The Hennessy VSOP art by Zhang features on a glorious bright red bottle as a dazzling gold label, emblazoned with Zhang’s symbolic and intricate digital art. The XO version of his art features on the dream-like presentation box that the embossed bottle is housed in. 

XO Limited Editions 2019

Hennessy Master Blender No4

Hennessy Master Blender No4: This rich, single-batch cognac is the fourth release in the Master Blender’s Selection series, personally crafted by 8th generation Master Blender Renaud Fillioux de Gironde. The Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection No4 has been matured in red oak, which means the casks used for the blend have previously held cognac and are of a significant age - which is evident from their dark, reddish color.

Each new Master Blender’s Selection is as highly anticipated as the last, showing the skill that Gironde puts into his choice of casks. With complete freedom to experiment with new blends, he is able to create singular batches that will never be repeated. Once they’re gone - they’re gone for good. 

Like its predecessors, the Hennessy Master Blend No4 comes in a modern bottle featuring a squared-off neck, wooden cork stopper and a white label with blue text. The cork is sealed with a paper seal of authenticity, carrying the Master Blender’s signature as well as batch and bottle number. 


Hennessy Limited Edition 2018

All Hennessy Limited Editions launched in 2018

VS Limited Editions 2018

Hennessy VS VHILS

The Hennessy VHILS Limited Edition VS Cognac is the eighth edition in this unique collaboration of the cognac giant with some of the 21st century’s brightest artists. VHILS, from Portugal, uses the technique known as ‘creative destruction’ in his work. Both he and Hennessy have worked together to create a limited edition bottle with what they say has a ‘social conscience’. To this end, the design showcases the faces of various musicians, artists, and activists who are actively working to promote creativity within their communities. 

VHILS experiments with various elements in his bottle design, with the use of acid, bleach and, ink, as well as different mediums. The artist works with hammers, chisels, drills, and even explosives to manipulate steel, stone and wood. When you think ‘contemporary’, then VHILS really is the epitome of the word.

The finished effect of the Hennessy by VHILS design is rather striking, with black and yellow tones of many partially obscured faces, that also references the colors and tones of a well-matured Cognac. In addition, if you look closely, you’ll find the Hennessy coat of arms, as well as bunches of grapes and vines also making an appearance.

So, who is VHILS? Well, for those who know their artists, then his is likely to be a familiar name. 

This talented young man literally exploded onto the scene in 2008, when he exhibited at the London, Cans Festival. His real name is Alexandre Farto, and he is well-known for working in many different mediums, such as concrete, plaster and oxidized metals. 

As with all of these artist-collaborated limited editions, the cognac within the bottle is the regular Hennessy VS. Of course, this is not a product that collectors will buy to drink. Rather, it will be one to add to the already distinguished lineup of such bottles.

VSOP Limited Editions 2018

Hennessy VSOP Privilege 200th Anniversary

Hennessy VSOP Privilege 200th Anniversary Limited Edition: For anyone who has been avidly collecting the Hennessy Limited Edition collaborations with some of the most innovative artists in the world, you’re going to get an extra kick out of this release: Hennessy Privilege Limited Edition - a celebration of Hennessy’s VSOP 200th Anniversary, in collaboration with artist, Can Büyükberber.

Hennessy VSOP Privilege is, in 2018, a massive 200 years old. And this is tantamount to how great a blend it really is. It all came about in March of 1818, when the soon-to-be King of England, George IV, had a specially commissioned “tierçon cask of excellent quality old pale” presented to him by James Hennessy. The masterminded blend created by the Hennessy and the Fillioux families that was to become the iconic VSOP Privilege was thus born.

What makes this cognac so very remarkable is that since its inception the quality has remained unaltered. The secrets of the blend have been handed down from Master Blender to Master Blender, so you can be sure that when you open a new bottle today, you’re enjoying the very same blend that your ancestors did two hundred years ago.

The new Hennessy VSOP Privilege limited edition carafe that we see today pays tribute to both its history and to ‘the future of mastery’. With the design very much in the here and now, thanks to the talents of futuristic visual artist, Can Büyükberber, it really emphasizes the theme, “our heritage is our future”.

Büyükberber is a Turkish-born artist based in San Francisco, California. He uses projection mapping and digital fabrication in his designs. For his project of Hennessy VSOP’s anniversary, his expression signifies the merge of the past, present, and future into a single graphic. This art stands for the very same values as Hennessy – history sliding smoothly into modern times, and further into the future.

In addition to the limited-edition carafe, Hennessy also created a cocktail called “The Timeless Mastery”:

  • 2 oz. Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Cognac
  • o.5 oz. Madeira
  • 3 dashes Peychaud’s bitters
  • Dash Angostura bitters
  • Orange twist & gold leaf garnish

Simply combine all of this (apart from the orange twist and gold leaf garnish) in a mixing glass over ice, stir, and strain into a rocks glass. Squeeze the orange twist juice over the top and garnish it with the gold leaf.

Hennessy VSOP Privilege Collection 8 Limited Edition

This addition to the Privilege collection is yet another eye-catching bottle from the cognac giant in collaboration with boundary-pushing artists. 

This latest work of art has been designed by contemporary artist, John Maeda. Maeda is an American designer, technologist, and author whose work illustrates when art meets tech. The bottle is a metallic deep rose gold color, with a label that features contrasting red, yellow, and blue shades in a striking pattern. 

Hennessy VSOP The Fine Mix Limited Edition Fine de Cognac

Hennessy VSOP The Fine Mix Limited Edition Fine de Cognac: This limited edition offering is a wonderful take on Hennessy’s regular Fine de Cognac, and has certainly turned heads for both its taste and design. It is the bottle and packing that is limited edition, and so definitely one that collectors will be eager to get their hands on. As the name suggests, this is the perfect cognac for creating your favorite mixed drinks or cocktails. 

The decanter is a similar shape to that of the traditional Fine de Cognac, however a metallic color palette is used with offset diamond paneling. It is this detail that perfectly complements the orange trademark color of the original design, whilst giving it a stylish and contemporary twist. 

This updated take on the regular edition is a result of Hennessy’s digital campaign ‘#thefinemix’, in which consumers were invited to share their ‘fine mix’ lifestyles on Instagram. The designers,  ButterflyCannon, are a London-based agency and created their design based on a brief to deliver ‘Instagrammable’ cognac for a premium brand. 

XO Limited Editions 2018

Hennessy XO Marc Newson

Hennessy collaborated with Marc Newson to create the iconic 2017 XO decanter, and so invited the internationally acclaimed designer to reimagine his original design and create this stunning new variation. 

For this 2018 XO limited edition, Marc Newson has used a subtle gold color with hues of rose, to create a harmonious whole of light, design and assemblage. The result is a dynamic, streamlined variation on the decanter’s traditional shape that breaks with conventions, giving it a wholly unexpected twist. As distinctive as a work of modern architecture, the design with the new rose gold elements amplifies the blend inside. 

Once Newson had pared the bottle’s shape to its purest form, the designer chose to reprise its traditional decorative motifs of grapes and leaves, in a corrugated relief. These striations are perhaps the most daring design elements ever incorporated on the iconic Hennessy XO decanter. 

Marc Newson said of the design: “For me, the straight lines really highlight the strength of the iconic shape of the Hennessy X.O decanter. When they catch the light, they magnify the blend – its color and sensorial qualities.”

To reinforce the modern spirit of the new Hennessy XO decanter, Marc Newson and Hennessy went beyond the usual confines of spirit bottle design and created an innovative gift box. To dramatize the fusion between the blend and the glass bottle, Newson designed a clear transparent gift box in injected plastic that perfectly mirrors the shape of the bottle itself and required cutting-edge manufacturing. It’s clear, ergonomic shape is molded in a complex plastic more typically used for perfume bottles. 

Master Blender's Selection No3

In a world that’s developing a true penchant for the small and the artisan, it can be tough for a world leader to compete. After all, creating cognac by volume calls for a very different production method to that of the craft creator. However, Hennessy has certainly risen to the challenge with its Master Blender’s series. 

The Hennessy Master Blend No3 is the first in the range to be created by 8th generation cellar master of the house, Renaud Fillioux de Gironde. And it’s purposefully nothing like the first two in the series, as each one boasts its own unique taste profile. 

Of course, this is the whole idea of the Master Blender range of cognacs. Each one has its own unique character; a blend that, once created in a strictly limited run, will never again be replicated. It’s about as close to craft cognac as the giant can get, and if Hennessy’s Master Blender’s Selection No3 is as popular as its predecessors, then it’s going to be a cognac that millions want to get their hands on. But being as it’s a limited edition, this won’t be possible. So if you’re lucky enough to come across one of these much sought-after bottles, we advise on snapping it up as soon as you get the chance!

Hennessy’s Master Blender’s Selection No3 is incredibly smooth, bottled at 43% and composed of a blend of 20 rare and unique eaux-de-vie that has led to an extremely versatile taste experience. 

No3 will appeal to both connoisseurs and hipsters. The bottle itself is pleasing to the eye, and the liquor is intended to be enjoyed in so many ways - drink it neat, or over ice. It’s more than smooth enough to enjoy in the traditional manner. But if you prefer your cognac with a mixer or in a cocktail, then it’s great for that too. In fact, the components that make up Henny’s Master Blender Selection No 3 are not used in any of its other creations. 

Hennessy has, once again, priced this at a level that’s accessible to all and created a clever concept that in only three short years has created a legion of global fans.

Hennessy XO Ice Bucket Experience

This is a delightful limited edition offering from the number one cognac producer. The regular and much loved XO bottle is presented in a striking gift box that transforms into an elegant ice bucket and also comes with a detachable lid that acts as a stand for your bottle along with a pair of ice tongs. 

Hennessy Limited Edition 2017

All Hennessy Limited Editions launched in 2017

Hennessy VS Limited Edition 2017

Jon One Hennessy VS

The 2017 bottle for the renowned limited edition VS series from Hennessy is designed by artist, JonOne. The project also includes a deluxe gift set by the artist, which features a super fun paint tin to carry the extra-large 1.5-liter bottle, and includes a sketch notebook and a jigger. 

JonOne’s real name is John Andrew Perello, a Dominican Republic-born street artist who grew up in Harlem and has used his real-life experiences to create artworks that are bright, colorful and have a real ‘feel-good’ factor to them. Today he’s an international name, with artworks displayed in galleries as far afield as Singapore, London and Paris, as well as closer to home in New York and Miami. Initially, his work was classified as freestyle street art, but today he’s also working on painting and creating refined abstract pieces. 

We absolutely love the colorful design and packaging. JonOne used only primary colors, layering splashes of color that signify the different layers of aromas and flavors and symbolize the complexity of blending that goes into Hennessy’s cognacs. Some of Hennessy’s own imagery has been incorporated into the design, including that of the year Hennessy first came into being - 1765. 

JonOne is not new to the LVMH, the group that Hennessy Cognac belongs to. In 2016, he redesigned a bottle for the perfume brand GUERLAIN, which was also a radiant explosion of color. 

Hennessy VSOP Limited Edition 2017

Hennessy VSOP Privilege by John Maeda

his collaboration with John Maeda and his artistic partners has seen the legendary VSOP penetrate industries. John worked closely with musician Kaki King and illustrator Giorgia Lupi and the trio was involved in every stage of the creative project. Together they traveled to Cognac to distill their very personal assemblage from eaux-de-vie with music, design and art. 

John Maeda is a leading global digital and artistic visionary, with a goal that reflects that of Hennessy: A fervent desire not to be alone in their respective industries, but to be remembered worldwide. 

The Hennessy Privilege Limited Edition 2017 series prompted Maeda and his partners to tour the house’s vineyards in Cognac. The trio not only mixed their innovative approaches but also collaborated to blend an exquisite selection of 7 eaux-de-vie to produce something really special. When you try this limited edition, strength and gentleness combine to create an enchanting taste symbiosis. It is followed by the softer properties of freshly squeeze grapes. Finally, the long-lasting finale surges. 

What makes the VSOP even more exclusive is the unique look of the bottle. Maeda’s work with his colleagues is a self-explanatory example of how art encroaches on technology. At the same time, the boundaries between the two areas are blurring: John's creative spirit is combined with Giorgia's detailed illustrations and Kaki's musical ability to let a visual keyboard blossom.

After visiting Cognac and Hennessy's vineyards, Kaki recorded her experiences in a song text. Likewise, their insights into the knowledge that goes into the production of Hennessy Cognac. The finished song has 200 beats. Each stroke for a year from Hennessy's savoir-faire. The illustrator Giorgia took these song notes and pressed them together as if she were pressing Ugni Blanc grapes for eaux-de-vie.

The bars were finally printed in a coherent form on the VSOP Privilège labels. Its long, thin strips are borrowed from the wood from Hennessy's oak barrels, in which this special cognac matures. The arrangement of bright colors on the bottle label reproduces the 7 eaux-de-vie in the VSOP. An honorable tribute to this design era that is transforming the 21st century.

The elegant copper color nods to the traditional techniques used in cognac production. They fill the gap between modern art and traditional heritage.

Hennessy XO Limited Edition 2017

Hennessy XO Marc Newson

The tenth edition to the Hennessy XO Exclusive Collection is this 2017 design by March Newson, who also created the decanter of James Hennessy in 2015.

Marc Newson is a renowned, Australian-born artist who’s been described as ‘the most influential designer of his generation’. Now based in London, he’s been included in Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People of the World. His work is present in many of the world’s major art museums, and his creations continue to break records when sold at auction. 

Hennessy XO Ice Limited Edition

This 2017 limited edition offering from Hennessy includes a white pearlescent version of the classic XO bottle, accompanied by a pair of elegant tumblers and all wrapped up in a striking presentation box. 

The whole concept of this boxed set is to challenge consumers to enjoy their cognac in a different manner, and as the name and design suggest, this means over ice. Both the shimmering bottle and metallic color palette of the box present this glacial theme perfectly, and the Baccarat crystal glasses, designed by Thomas Bastide, are the cherry on top. 

Hennessy XO Ice Experience Pack

Hennessy XO Ice Experience Pack: Similar to the XO Ice Limited Edition above, this boxed set comes accompanied by two Baccarat crystal glasses, designed by Thomas Bastide. 

The Ice Experience set is, as the name suggests, intended to encourage consumers to enjoy their XO Hennessy on ice and this is presented by the pearlescent bottle and box, with seductive hues of midnight blue and purple. 

Master Blender No2

The second edition to the craft cognac series from Hennessy is a wonderful parting gift from one of the most revered cellar masters of all time - Yann Fillioux. Fillioux used this opportunity to utilize his full creativity, taking advantage of eaux-de-vie that were perhaps in short supply for this ‘never-to-be-repeated’ cognac. 

The Hennessy Master Blend 2 is a cognac full of spice, and will appeal to those who enjoy such a taste. The eaux-de-vie were aged first in young French oak barrels before being transferred to older ones for further seasoning. The result is a cognac that abounds with both sweetness and spices, one that is as pleasing on the nose as it is right through to the evolving finish. 

The bottle itself is aligned with the other bottles in the Master Blender’s series, and sets them apart from the rest of Hennessy’s products. And this is of course the point, this is an artisanal offering from the world’s most popular cognac brand. 

Hennessy Limited Edition 2016

All Hennessy Limited Editions launched in 2016

Hennessy VS Limited Edition 2016

Scott Campbell VS

Hennessy invited tattoo icon, Scott Campbell, to design this limited edition in its VS artist series.

Louisiana-born Scott Campbell is known throughout the world as being one of the most talented hands in the world of tattooing. After abandoning a career as a biochemist at the University of Texas, he fled to San Francisco and began tattooing. 

Scott learned his craft at Picture Machine, one of the oldest shops in California, rich with stories and nicotine stained flash on the walls from its heyday in the ’60s and ‘70s. He now owns and operates the legendary Saved Tattoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, whose client list includes New York’s art and design elite, fashion designers such as Marc Jacobs, and a long roster of celebrities including Heath Ledger, Josh Hartnett, Orlando Bloom, Helena Christensen and Penelope Cruz.

In recent years, he has gained much acclaim from fine art communities worldwide for his work in mediums other than skin. These include intricately carved sculptures made out of US currency, a series of watercolor paintings based on his 6-week stay in a maximum-security prison in Mexico City and graphite drawings done on the insides of eggshells. 

Campbell’s work is seen in some of the most revered collections and museums worldwide. He is celebrated as one of the brightest voices in the New York art scene. 

Hennessy VSOP Limited Edition 2016

VSOP Privilege Limited Edition

This special edition has been created by Milan-based artistic duo, Carnovsky, who’ve taken multiple visions of Hennessy’s VSOP Privilege to create a single, unique, limited edition bottle.

While Hennessy has long been a supporter of all things art, this was their first foray into the world of virtual animation.

So - who are Carnovsky? And how did they come to be collaborating with the cognac giant? Well, the duo is comprised of artists, Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla - a team since they founded their Milan studio in 2006. Since then they’ve created a storm in the world of art by creating a process that blends both 17th-century illustrations with what they’ve named the ‘RGB Project’. This is a digital technique so named for the virtual world’s primary colors - red, green and blue. 

We can only imagine how excited the artists were to be invited to visit the Hennessy headquarters in Cognac to work on this special edition of a cognac that was first created in 1818 as a special order for the future King George IV of England. 

From Hennessy’s archives, Carnovsky selected patterns and images that strike deep into the heart of this historic house: sun, water, grapes, the house’s coat of arms, the compass. They then created a virtual animation image that told the story of Hennessy VSOP Privilege Cognac in layers - and rendered it in ‘RGB’. 

The color red symbolizes the energies and forces involved in creating VSOP Privilege. Green is about the origin of the cognac - nature and the fruit. And blue is the dreamscape of a sensory journey and the experience of tasting VSOP Privilege. 

These multiple images on the Hennessy limited edition by Carnovsky coexist harmoniously to the naked eye. But when viewed through a colored filter they take depth, and the hidden story below is revealed. Each purchase of Hennessy Privilege Limited Edition Cognac came with both a leaflet explaining the aesthetic and the colored filter with which the images can be viewed, each customer was also invited to craft their own RGB symbol

Hennessy XO Limited Edition 2016

Hennessy XO Exclusive Collection IX by Tom Dixon

In honor of the grand finale to Hennessy’s 250-year anniversary marathon, the house launched a spectacular special edition bottle of its Hennessy XO Exclusive Collection by British designer, Tom Dixon. 

Dixon had worked with Hennessy on releases of a similar design in the previous two years, producing platinum silver and deep copper versions of the bottle design. However, this third installment of the three-year collaboration is a dazzling gold rendition of the iconic XO carafe. 

For the Hennessy Tom Dixon collaboration, the renowned designer took inspiration from the hypnotic qualities of crystal, diamonds and precious stones. The relief-like surface of the carafe is designed to reproduce the sensation of these valuable materials through the reflection of light. Its many facets shine and so attract the human eye as a diamond would. 

Tom Dixon is a prominent and self-taught designer who has received numerous awards, including the prestigious title of Designer of the Year at the Maison & Objet Paris. He recreated the iconic XO carafe as an expression of ultimate luxury and with the purpose of embodying Hennessy’s pioneering and visionary spirit. 

As is the case with Dixon’s previous two editions, the Hennessy XO Exclusive Collection No9 comes presented in a magnificent case that features the same relief design. However, for collectors who have been following the collaboration across the three years, Dixon designed a gemstone-shaped display piece that functions as an impressive showcase for all three of his designs. This creation was limited to only 30 pieces globally, so is a much sought-after collector’s piece. 

Hennessy Hors d'Age Limited Edition 2016

Hennessy 8