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Grape of the Art

Grape of the Art

Cognac Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 79

Here with a brand new launch, the creative and entrepreneurial team behind Grape of Art introduce Pasquet Lot 79 Cognac – an offering steeped in tradition yet dressed in contemporary flavor. Uncover the incentive and motivations of the team behind Grape of Art alongside the exclusive tasting profile of Pasquet Lot 79 Cognac below.

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Robert, Oliver, Sascha, Christian and Leonard - the 5 friends behind Grape of the Art

About Grape of the Art

An independent bottler specializing in Armagnac and Cognac single casks, Grape of Art are made up of five partners: Oliver Gerhardt, Christian Maier, Leonard Stumpf, Sascha Junkert, and Robert Bauer.

Sharing a mutual love for high quality spirits at cask strength, the initiative of this tribe of five first came together during a blind tasting at a Rum and Whisky group in Stuttgart. During the tasting, they quickly discovered a mutual amazement for the outstanding quality and variety of Armagnac in particular. From there, they delved deep into the world of brandy and found that there were very few bottlings available on the German market that fit to their expectations of quality.

So, in a bid to share the diversity of the spirits world to existing rum and whisky lovers, Grape of Art combines its expertise by releasing extraordinary single cask offerings – each with a contemporary twist and emphasis on modern art through its bottle designs and labels. With a commitment to selecting state of the art barrels being a first priority – dressing the bottles with a fresh and modern image is also a key focus in making the Grape of Art collection stand out. In doing so, the team works closely with their designer, Theresa, putting creative time and energy into making fun bottles and fine-tuned labels.

The Art of Tasting

Upon meeting with many welcoming producers of the Cognac and Armagnac regions, they were able to enter the warehouses and taste the distillates straight from the cask.

Bringing individual strengths and skills to the project, they make up a coherent and mutually complementary team, which despite having different tastes and spirit focuses, almost always have the same favorites in a blind tasting.

When it comes to shortlisting a barrel however, as a general rule, at least 4 out of 5 of the group must be enthusiastic about what they are tasting in order for the Grape of Art promise of quality to be ensured. After exploring the barrel cellars and leaving the site at the producer’s, the five take samples of the best barrels home. At home, these are then divided up and each team member tastes them again blindly and impartially, together with reference bottlings for themselves.

Then, in the final round of the tasting, the five come together to taste them again and make the final decision. With this approach, the warehouse emotions and the influence of age, brand or alcohol strength move into the background and objectivity increases. And while each member of the team takes different responsibilities when it comes to barrel selection and label artwork, they always make the final decision together.

So with such a rigorous tasting process, guaranteeing fine quality selections and with a fresh new aesthetic giving spirits that are steeped in tradition a contemporary twist – what more could be asked of an independent bottler?

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Cognac Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 79

Age: Aged 41 Years Old in a humid cellar

Growth Area: Grande Champagne

LOT: 79

ABV: 52.3 %

Bottle size: 70 cl

Distilled by: Jean-Michel Tribot

Brand: Pasquet Cognac

Aromas: Pears, lichee, apples, apricots, caramel, fine woods.

Sorry, you missed it. We are already sold out.

Serge Valentine's review on Whiskyfun: Rated 91 / 100 points

"Pure ugni blanc, Limousin oak, humid cellar, stunning albeit a little artsy label, and cool folks at all stages. What else does the people want? (...) Comments: the arrival on the palate was a notch frightening, but that was just me being a little impatient. In truth it is difficult to find much better Cognac..."

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