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The anticipation of tasting the wares of a true artisan Cognac house always gives us butterflies. And none heighten this feeling more than the exciting range from Godet.

Spanning 15 generations of expertise, and with a determination to bring us the nuances of grapes long forgotten and a second-to-none cellar of gorgeous vintages, Godet is a brand to explore and savor.

Join us on our voyage of discovery as we showcase and celebrate with a range-wide discount of 20% !

But hurry, we can’t keep the deal for long, so take full advantage while it’s still available.

Please note: This is a pre-sale. Picking & Packing will start right after the sale has ended.

A Connoisseur Single Grape Cognac Selection

We often talk about the importance of terroir (AKA growth region or cru) when it comes to the taste and profile of a Cognac. But do you ever consider the type of grape it’s made from?

To be honest, you’ll be forgiven for it not to, especially as an incredible 98% of all Cognac production is made from a single grape—the Ugni Blanc. But this is set to change as the spotlight swings to focus on traditional, almost forgotten, grapes varieties, such as the Folle Blanche, Montils, and Colombard.

These lesser-heard-of grapes for Cognac production are highlighted in the new selection brought to us courtesy of the house of Godet.

Read more about the grapes varieties in our blog.

Single-Cru Cognacs

Godet Cognac :

Making History With Each Generation

Nestling quietly on the harbor shores, deep in the old town of La Rochelle, is perhaps the true meaning of family. And it’s in the form of a humble Cognac estate, known simply as Godet. And we’re talking family in every sense of the word. Because the house of Godet is today headed by three men who’re the 15th generation of this Cognac dynasty: Jean Edouard, Maxime, and Cyril Godet. Together the brothers run what one could say is the ultimate family business–because it’s been that way for almost 500 years!

To discover the history of this amazing family, we have to head back in time to the year of 1588. It was then that Dutch Salt Merchant, Bonaventure Godet, who settled some years before this in the La Rochelle region, was granted direct protection for his family by the then King of France, Henri IV. Bonaventure was one of the very first traders of ‘brandwijn’­—the sought after burnt wine that was later to become what we know today as Cognac.

Read more about the Godet history in our blog.

Vintage Cognacs

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