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Alfred Giraud Heritage Whisky

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Alfred Giraud Whisky
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Eye: Bright gold.

Nose: Complex, oaky notes.

Palate: Powerful and round, pear and candied fruits. A long and sweet finish.


Legacy and Luxury - Heritage Whisky by Alfred Giraud

Nicknamed the first luxury French whisky brand, this 100% independent and family-run business uses its rich history, heritage and craftsmanship to blend three French malt distillations and create the legendary limited edition Alfred Giraud Heritage Whisky.

An incarnation of French artisan and heritage: Alfred Giraud is creating the whisky of the future whilst maintaining a deep connection to their past, with a particular focus on quality and innovation. The family has been distilling whisky for over 100 years, and when master scotch blender Philippe Giraud came on board in 1995, the French Malt Whisky range was born, celebrating the tradition and craftsmanship that has been handed down through the generations.

The whisky’s production process is particularly special as it is limited to the availability of the exceptionally old Cognac casks used for its aging. This whisky is the perfect encounter of modernity with tradition, using centuries-old oak casks with innovative techniques and of course, patience, in order to achieve both balance and perfection.

Ready to try something different? Experience the craftsmanship that comes from a traditional, family-run business, the quality that comes from the region’s excellent eaux-de-vie, the innovation from this unique and modern production process and the intense flavor profiles delivered by the XO Cognac oak ageing barrels.

Heritage begins with a blend of three non-peated distillations being matured in barrels that have been used to age extra old Cognacs in the past. These casks are made from various types of oak, such as traditional French Limousin and American White. This three-malt blend is left to age in these Cognac casks before being removed and blended with a lightly peated French malt distillation.

Finally, the blend is placed back into the Cognac casks to age for several years, until it reaches its optimum flavor profile.

This particular Heritage whisky is complex on the nose, with various oak textures perfuming the senses. On the palate, a powerful yet rounded attack of pear and candied fruits, with a lengthy, sweet finish.

Presentation of the Bottle

A magnificent centerpiece to bring out after a dinner party or social occasion, this bottle is modern yet timeless. Its clean design features an elegant label that clearly distinguishes the product’s unique features - a French malt whisky aged in French and American oak casks.

The bottle would surely be a hit on any bar shelf or drinks cabinet, with a crystal design base that recalls the elegance of 1920’s America whilst still retaining that certain je-ne-sais-quoi français.

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