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It’s National Cognac day on June 4th! So to honour the occasion, we’re kicking off Cognac Week 2021 with huge discounts across our shop.

Offering up to 40% off selected products, we’ve carefully handpicked 80 special Cognacs to feature in our sale including limited editions, vintage gems and one-of-a-kind, high-premium edition decanter Cognacs. With the launch of Mauxion’s bedazzling glow edition decanter now available in our store, as well as a new supply of Jean Aubineau’s outstanding Cognacs now back in stock, it’s safe to say – we’re celebrating the right way!

Mauxion Cognac: discover the darkness

Introducing the brand sparkling new, special edition glow decanter from the house of Mauxion. Available on Cognac Expert with Mauxion Grande Champagne Lot 38 200ml Cognac and Mauxion Petite Champagne Lot 56 200ml Cognac.

As unique as its contents are, this masterpiece of a bottle glows from inside out – shining bright like a glimmering star of the Milky Way. Presented in an enchanting round carafe, equipped with an equally spectacular bauble-shaped glass stopper – it is a true work of art destined to be showcased on display. Protected inside a bespoke wooden case, each bottle features a certificate from the producer and is signed and numbered to ensure utmost authenticity.

Mauxion Lot 38 Glow Bottle

Grande Champagne 200ml

383 €
excl. VAT excl. expédition
98 bottles left (before they’re sold out, forever)

Mauxion Lot 56 Glow Bottle

Petite Champagne 200ml

399 €
excl. VAT excl. expédition
100 bottles left (before they’re sold out, forever)


Jean Aubineau

Releasing his last ever Cognac expressions, Jean Aubineau bids his final farewell to the remaining Grande Champagne Cognac left in the barrels of his family Estate – where he has worked for the majority of his adult life. Saving 100 litres of the remaining Cognac for his children and grandchildren, the bottles left to be sold are more precious than ever with the contents now incredibly sparse and all the more special. With a new supply now in stock, we’re honored to be offering the very last bottles exclusively to Cognac Expert customers. Get yours now to be one of the last to own Jean Aubineau’s long-standing treasures – emblematic of a lifetime of passion, hard-work and unrivalled dedication.

Located in the village of Malaville within the Charente region there is a winding country lane, down which you will find a small estate. Somewhere amongst this estate resides Jean Aubineau, but to find him you must first locate the old-school Peugeot that acts as a clue to lead you to the charming house where Jean lives. If you are lucky enough to find him, then you will have the pleasure of the company of a talented and wise man who is almost in his 90s and who began distilling Cognac from the tender age of 27. We visited Jean on a fresh, spring morning at the beginning of April to discuss Jean’s life, his future and most importantly, his Cognac. 

XXO Cognacs

XXO stands for 'extra extra old', and is a brand new category that was officially added to the description of Cognac ages in 2018. Just as with the other age descriptions of Cognac, VS, VSOP, and XO, an XXO Cognac consists of eau-de-vie that's been aged within French oak barrels. But in the case of an XXO, to qualify the minimum length of aging is 14 years. This makes an XXO Cognac the oldest official rating a Cognac can hold.

XO Cognacs

Vintage Cognacs

Our range of discounted Vintage Cognacs include treasures from 1971 through to 2010. Whether it be in celebration of a birthday or another sentimental reason, the Cognacs from our vintage collection serve beautifully as symbolic gifts to someone who associates with the significant vintage year.

VSOP Cognacs

Hardy Four Seasons Lalique Cognac

Inspired by the promise of rebirth and new beginnings, the Hardy Four Seasons Spring Cognac is a thoughtful tribute to the turning of the seasons. With four outstanding offerings available, each is dedicated to Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Housed in an eccentrically elegant carafe designed by Marie-Claude Lalique – this hugely exclusive collection offers distinguished collectors items for the most discerning of connoisseurs.

Hors d'Age, Extra and more Cognacs

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