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We have two very special new products from the family-run and organic house of Pasquet to present to you, these will be Pasquet’s last release in 2021. One of these offerings concludes the spectacular L’Esprit de Famille series and the other welcomes in a brand new collection, one which will no doubt be outstanding, the Trésors de Famille range. Both of these Cognacs are single cask, and sourced from exceptionally talented families who have meticulously harvested, distilled and aged their eau-de-vie.

The L’Esprit de Famille range has been met with great popularity on a global scale, and this final chapter to the series will be no exception. We, along with countless other connoisseurs will be sad to see the collection come to a close but it is a bittersweet farewell as we are greeted by the Trésors de Famille selection

Pasquet L'Esprit de Famille

Le Cognac de Noel

Le Cognac de Noël is the stunning final chapter in the L’Esprit de Famille series. A unique Petite Champagne eau-de-vie sourced from a single 450-liter cask of Cognac which had been patiently aging in the cellars of Noël and Marie-France Gay, who had their Petite Champagne vines in Sainte-Lheurine and Lonzac since 1994.

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Limited Stock

Distilled: 1994

ABV: 46.4 %

Cru: Petite Champagne

Bottle Size: 50 cl

Grape Variety: 100% Ugni Blanc


Color: Old gold with hints of amber

Nose: A tropical bouquet of banana purée, mango, flambéed bananas, and honeydew melons, accompanied by captivating aromas of french pastry and orange blossoms.

Palate: The palate greets us with the expected note of rancio, followed by flavors of roasted pineapples, cocoa, peach melba, nougat, and sweet and sour tones. The mouthfeel is delectably rich and round.

Growth Area: Petite Champagne

Pasquet Trésor de Famille

Le Cognac de Claude

Le Cognac de Claude is first in the new Trésors de Famille range, which translates to Family Treasures, from the house of Pasquet. This fragrant eau-de-vie was bottled from a single 400-liter cask of Cognac which came from the Hilaire family’s Angeac-Champagne vineyards located in the Grande Champagne region.

Limited Stock

Distilled: 1984

ABV: 49.8 %

Cru: Grande Champagne

Bottle Size: 50 cl

Grape Variety: 100% Ugni Blanc


Color: Dazzling luminous amber

Nose: Fruity citrus aromas of orange and lime zest, mandarins, candied lemons, and chocolate-covered oranges, with an alluring undertone of toasted oak and musk.

Palate: Wonderfully round with notes of nectarines, peaches, apricots, candied lemons, raisins and sweet roasted pears.

Growth Area: Grande Champagne

Pasquet "L'Esprit de Famille"

Le Cognac de Claude

Pasquet "L'Esprit de Famille"

Le Cognac de Noel

Although the French translation of Noël is Christmas, and so it seems almost fated that the spiced aromas of this Cognac are so accurately reminiscent of the festive season, this Cognac is in fact named to honor the charming couple of Noël and Marie-France.

The story of Noël and Marie-France

Noël is the second of five children, and as the first son, he was destined to inherit responsibility for his family’s vineyard, as his father had. However, in the mid-60s a tragic tractor accident meant that Noël had to prematurely step into his role and take charge of the vines and the cattle as a teenager up until the mid-80s.

The adversity that Noël faced forged a strong sense of character and he was also lucky enough to meet the love of his life, Marie-France, in 1976. Together, the couple took over ten hectares of Petite Champagne vines in Sainte-Lheurine and Lonzac in 1982 which they farmed until their retirement in 2008.

Marie-France and Noël distilled Cognac together using the same method from 1974 until 2008, using a wood and charcoal-burning 20 hectoliter potstill; and this spectacular eau-de-vie is no exception. As life partners, they cared for their family, vineyard, potstill, and cellar tirelessly and wholeheartedly. The couple’s love and attention is demonstrated in this exquisite eau-de-vie which the house of Pasquet selected in December 2019, brought down to its ideal alcoholic degree, and hand-bottled in August 2021.

Pasquet "Trésors de Famille"

Le Cognac de Claude

As the name suggests, this Cognac is an ode to Claude and his wife Arlette who, although not named, was fundamental to its creation. Claude and Arlette have dedicated their lives to caring for their vineyards, family, and business as an impenetrable duo, and such was their devotion that they even planted the day after their own wedding.

A passion for hard work and viticulture runs deep through both Claude and Arlette’s veins. The vineyard from which this Cognac came belonged to Claude’s mother’s family and is today run by Claude and Arlette’s grandchildren. Arlette also comes from a line of vintners, and although she moved a few kilometers away to Claude’s family vineyard, her heart remained tied to one land.

The Hilaire’s Cognac has been distilled on the family property for as long as anyone can remember, and each member of the household contributes to the production where they are of most use. Although both Claude and Arlette distilled, it was Arlette who possessed a real flair for the wood-burning potstill and she has since taught her granddaughter Laura the art of distillery.

Today, most vintners sell almost all of their harvest, however Claude’s family has kept with tradition and instead store more than 75% of the eaux-de-vie that they craft. This stunning Grande Champagne vintage is the first in what will be a long line of exquisitely aged Cognacs to come out of the Hilaire estate.

Pasquet "Trésors de Famille"

Le Cognac de Claude

Bottle Review by Taylor

Unsurprisingly, Pasquet’s Le Cognac de Noel and Le Cognac de Claude are winners. They are honest, true Cognacs that perfectly represent their respective crus, Domaine Pasquet, and I presume the interesting characters for whom these products are named after, Noel and Claude.

Read Taylor's whole review.

L'Esprit de Famille Le Cognac de Noel

Rated: Highly Recommended 87/100 Points

For a more detailed critique of this new release go over to the Cognac Expert review platform. There you cen find a precise tasting matrix as well as specific tasting notes and a total ranking.

Trésors de Famille Le Cognac de Claude

Rated: Exceptional 92/100 Points

For a more detailed critique of this new release go over to the Cognac Expert review platform. There you cen find a precise tasting matrix as well as specific tasting notes and a total ranking.

Bottle Review by Taylor

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