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So Yang Green Tea Liqueur White Cognac
So Yang Green Tea Liqueur White Cognac 02
So Yang Green Tea Liqueur White Cognac
So Yang Green Tea Liqueur White Cognac 04

So Yang Green Tea Liqueur White Cognac

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So Yang Green Tea Cognac

Notes de dégustation

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Subtle, refreshing and naturally authentic.


Vineyard Peach: So Yang Green Tea Liqueur White Cognac

An exotic assemblage between green tea and Cognac, the SO YANG Green Liqueur White Cognac is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The White Edition is blended with vineyard peach, giving it a light, floral quality that goes beautifully with Asian food. Bringing together two flavors from two separate continents: from east to west, north to south - flavors are combined and taste buds are delighted.

SO YANG are the first to dare to blend the two together, and this one stands out for its originality. The green tea of China and the Cognac of France are brought together to create a perfect harmony; each harnessing their own specific character. Not too strong nor sweet - but gorgeous fragrant. Both are authentic products that are proud of their origins. The pleasure on the palate is unlike no other. Green tea has been harvested in Asia, and created using ancestral savoir-faire dating back thousands of years. It has been consumed for generations.

Cognac is similarly produced with such rigor - and has been for several centuries. It is also a symbol of regional savoir-faire. The name ‘YANG’ in Chinese is a common first name. The two fundamental principles of Chinese Taoist philosophical thought are yin and yang, and they correspond to the principles of virility, movement and fire.

We recommend also checking out the So Yang Green Tea Liqueur Black Cognac, which is a spiced, ginger version of this very bottle. 

Serving Suggestions

This is a wholly versatile product, with plenty of ways to be mixed. One can add ice cubes, fruit juice, champagne - it is a delicious long drink. One only needs 3cm of the liqueur and the rest with ice cubes for a refreshing aperitif. It goes beautifully with Japanese, Thai, Indian or Thai cuisine.

Presentation of the bottle

The active, decision-making and creative woman will adore this product. The bottle is aesthetically pleasing and modern, and bottled at 18% ABV. It is light and refreshing.

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À propos de So Yang Green Tea Cognac

So Yang is an young and innovative product, a blend of cognac and green tea. It unites two traditional products, one being green tea from Asia, which carries centuries of ancestral expertise, and cognac, a drink that has been perfected throughout generations. So Yang is a collaboration between Claire Coates, formerly head of marketing at the BNIC and André Petit Cognac, whose excellent cognac is used for the blend. The drink was launched in France in 2007 and has steadily grown since.

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