Meukow Liqueur Vanilla

Meukow Vanilla Liqueur Cognac

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Meukow Cognac
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Notes de dégustation

This Liqueur has an almost yellow robe, the aromas are stongly influenced by vanila. Some caramel and cinnamon hints. The final is powerful.


Meukow Vanilla is a blend of Cognac and natural vanilla flavours. This can be drunk straight, ice cold or mixed with juices.

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le  13 December 2019
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Best Cognac, but new bottles differences from old?

I have 1 bottle from 2004 and have been looking for this brand ever since, and was very exited when i found it here, though i have to say the 2 new bottles that i bought didn't taste as much vanilla as the old one, more taste of liquor in the new ones as well, so if you as me have an old bottle compare it to the new one and see if you think it taste the same and post it! :D

With that said this is still the best Cognac i've tasted (huge vanilla fan by the way) so very recommended, but would have gotten 5/5 on all if it tasted as the old bottles did!

le  25 April 2019
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My favorite Cognac

This is the most amazing cognac I have ever had. The aroma is beautiful and the flavor and texture is so smooth and flavorful. Its the only Cognac I can drink straight on the rocks.

À propos de Meukow Cognac

As the name suggests, Cognac Meukow is one of the few Russian Cognac brands in the Charente region. In 1862 two brothers were sent over to France to supply the Tsar with Cognac and decided to start their own Cognac distillery.

The brand has become known as the “jaguar liquor”, or the “panther liquor”, thanks to its distinctive bottle design. The big cat in question is in fact a puma, and today, with its famous logo, ranks among the most well-known Cognac brands in the world. Its qualities are strength, elegance, sensuality and exotism, the character traits of the puma.

The distillery is housed in Matha in the Charente Maritime, and are particularly celebrated for their VS Cognac, Vanilla Cognac liqueur and 90-Proof Liquor among many others.

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