Bowen Liqueur India
Bowen Liqueur India
Bowen Liqueur India
Bowen Liqueur India

Bowen India Liqueur Cognac

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Bowen Cognac
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Nose: Fruity aroma, due to the flavoursome mix of bitter and blood oranges. Nutty notes are complemented by the essence of natural plant extracts.

Palate: A daring choice, the palate of this Cognac packs a punch. Bold, with a lasting finish.

Appellation (Cru) & sol: Blend

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Bowen India Liqueur

The Bowen India Liqueur is described by its makers as an 'equilibrium of aromas', a phrase that undoubtedly holds true. Making use of a recipe boasting lasting traditions, the flavour of orange, nut and plant extracts create a beverage with a welcome linger. A daring spirit, this Cognac is both bracing and exotic making it a choice that is truly unforgettable.

Brought to life by a story of love, the Bowen India Liqueur encompasses everything the heart-warming tale has to offer. Based on a man’s love for Cognac, travel and a woman that embodied unrelenting freedom, you can taste this epic journey in every drop. Strong, yet warm this is a Cognac that truly embraces its history of love and adventure.

Presentation of the bottle

With a bottle as bold as its flavour, the Bowen India is a Cognac you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. Showcasing its richness, the liqueur boasts a deep mahogany hue. Brought to life by its unique, colourful design the punch that this Cognac packs is evident at first glance. Tall and imposing, the presentation of the Bowen India is as impressive as its contents.

How to enjoy 

To fully appreciate each and every element of this daring spirit, this Cognac can be braved over ice. Or, make the most of its exotic essence and allow it to bring a cocktail a new lease of life. Great to enjoy at a party, or to be given as a celebratory gift.

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À propos de Bowen Cognac

Bowen Cognac has a romantic backstory, coming into being through a man’s love for a woman combined with all the excitement of travel and intrigue. Known as much for their miniature sized cognac bottles as the regular, Bowen produces a range of different qualities, including an interesting ‘Pale Cognac’ specifically produced to be mixed with tonic or savoured on the rocks.

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