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Les Brûleries Modernes Hold Up Gin

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Eye: Crystal clear.

Nose: Citrus, anise and coriander at the fore, accompanied by sharp juniper berries.

Palate: Exceptionally fresh, fruity and floral, with a silky mouthfeel leading to a long, multilayered finish. 


A Gin Like No Other: Suspense and Storytelling from Les Brûleries Modernes 

Les Brûleries Modernes Hold Up Gin is not your typical drink. A thrilling dive right into the heart of a crime novel, its aim is to transmit the flavor of fantasy - and it more than succeeds in doing so. A craft gin, Hold Up plays a role in the ancestral history of spirits that are developed from juniper berries. Though part of its recipe is cloaked in secrecy - another splash of suspense for this drink/experience hybrid - it has a base of grain alcohol, a volume of 43% and welcome additions from plants and fruits. 

This artisanal gin is the product of a collaboration between Les Brûleries Modernes - also known as the Vinet-Delpech distillery in the village of Brie-Sous-Archiac - and a mysterious writer who envisioned a gin of which the journey would be simultaneously tangible and imagined. Though the distillery is renowned for their cognac production, its expertise extends beyond, making them the perfect match for the crime-thriller connaisseur.

Aromatically, notes of citrus, anise and coriander take center stage in Hold Up, while juniper berries provide delicious undertones. On the palate, the taste is fresh, fruity and floral, with a silky touch that results in a long finish. As the author himself says: “Hold Up is a cultural replacement for the monotony and constraints of everyday life. It’s a gin, but not like any other.” Hold Up’s texture on the palate ensures a supple and round hold, and this singular spirit can be enjoyed many ways - especially accompanied by a tonic with Timur berries, used in a Negroni or as a base for any other cocktail.

From forbidden flames to dim-lit bars, every sip of Hold Up is a taste of pure fantasy.

Presentation of the Bottle

The Les Brûleries Modernes Hold Up Gin bottle is straight out of a 1950s hard-boiled film - the perfect balance of intimidation and class that would suit a jaded detective perfectly. Given this distilled gin was inspired by fiction works from the likes of Truman Capote and Vladimir Nabokov, it comes as no surprise, and delights the consumer in its immersive quality. 

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