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Godet XO Organic Gastronome Cognac 01

Godet XO Organic Gastronome Cognac

Appellation Contrôlée
Fins Bois

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Godet Cognac
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Notes de dégustation

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Eye: Deep shades of shimmering gold.

Nose: An exciting bouquet of orange blossom, iris and violets, very floral and Fin Bois in style.

Palate: Mature in the mouth, walnut and dark cherry dominate before an elegant and smooth finish. 

Appellation (Cru) & sol: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


Godet Cognac Gastronome XO Organic - Protecting the future by combining the tradition of the past with the tastes of the present 

In today's world, people are more and more conscious of what they're consuming and how it's affecting the planet, so why should the Cognac we drink be any different? The Godet XO Organic Gastronome Cognac is an exclusively Fin Bois blend harvested in 2004, a single vintage from a single lot produced with absolutely no chemicals or artificial components, protecting biodiversity and reducing pollution for the world of tomorrow.

It’s been described as ‘ultra-dry’, rendering it the perfect digestif after a rich meal, it particularly lends itself well after a chateaubriand or roast beef dish. It’s minimum 10 year age means nature has had plenty of time to reveal its true expression, both on the grapevine, uninterrupted by pesticides, and in Limousin casks, left to work its magic in Godet’s ‘paradis’ cellars.

Ran by the 15th generation of a Cognac dynasty; Jean Edouard, Maxime and Cyril Godet have taken the heritage, history and craftsmanship of their ancestors before them and ran with it, elevating the estate by creating a legendary and luxurious brand with 500 years of savoir-faire under their belt.

For example, back in 1838, Augustin Godet was the first to craft an organic XO that became known as Gastronome. It was produced to be as dry as possible on the palate, to aid digestion as the ultimate post-dinner tipple. Today, the Godet brothers have stuck to this ancient recipe, resurrecting the Gastronome for the modern Cognac connoisseur. 

Gastronome (re)launched back in 2016, almost two centuries after its initial concept, a true testament to Godet's respect for those master blenders who came before them, merging this past with the modernity of the present in order to protect our future. This delightful Cognac, designed as a delectable digestif nearly 200 years ago will please any palate, particularly those who appreciate a single lot Cognac from Fins Bois, where the unique climate has been left untouched, producing a Cognac as nature intended it. 

Read more about what has to be the ultimate family business in our blog article, Godet Cognac: Making history generation by generation.

How to Enjoy:

Being as this is a Cognac that’s specifically designed to aid digestion after a delicious meal, then it really does lend itself to be enjoyed in the traditional manner. That is, after a meal shared with friends, perhaps hand warmed, or allowed to sit in a tulip or balloon glass for up to 10 minutes before drinking.

This age-old method allows the liquid to warm to room temperature. In addition, during this time you can enjoy the aromas as they develop, and it only heightens one’s anticipation before you take that fabulous first sip. 

Presentation of the Bottle:

A timeless yet traditional bottle design is a Godet signature, and the XO Gastronome Organic Cognac bottle exemplifies this with its stunning presentation. Elegant detailing on the label and the green wax seal not only reinforce the superior quality of this rare find, but equally act as a subtle reminder of the environmental factors involved in its production.

As always, the Godet Coat of Arms is present, which was bestowed upon the family by King Louis XIV, the three glasses featured not only symbolize the fact they are kings of their craft, that Cognac is in their blood, but equally that the family have had a huge influence on Cognac's popularity both in the past and the present, and are innovators for the future.

The bottle equally comes with a stylish tube case, which features a unique green and black design of grapevines, celebrating both the exquisite eaux-de-vie found inside and the nature being protected during its production.

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I would say this is a fair to good cognac, not excellent.

BOUQUET: White grape, Hint of Leather
TASTE: Moderate sweetness, Flowery Jasmine
FINISH: Silky, Tangerine

À propos de Godet Cognac

La maison des Godet est gérée par la famille depuis 14 générations. Elle est l'exemple parfait d'une maison de cognac qui croit profondément à la tradition de cet alcool et à ses origines. En même temps, Godet parvient àévoluer avec les temps modernes, ayant récemment créé un cognac à partir d'un cépage presque éteint dans l'industrie du cognac : Folle Blache. Ce cognac s'appelle "Antarctique Godet" et a été inspiré par un voyage en bateau de 2 mois au Pôle Sud.

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