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Gautier XO Lantern Cognac 01

Gautier XO Lantern Cognac

Âge du cognac

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Taille de bouteille
Teneur en alcool
Gautier Cognac

Notes de dégustation

A golden amber colour. A rich and harmonious blend of old eaux-de-vie, combining intense aromas of candied fruits, cinnamon and toasted bread, with subtle floral notes. Generous and smooth in the mouth, it offers a beautiful length on the palate

Appellation (Cru) & sol: Blend

Bois Ordinaires
Bons Bois
Fins Bois
Petite Champagne
Grande Champagne


Gautier XO Lantern Cognac

Recognised as “the world's best Cognac” at the World Cognac Awards in 2015, Gautier XO Lantern Cognac is powerful blend of old eaux-de-vie, some of which come from the Maison’s "Paradise Cellar" where the oldest and most precious Cognac eaux-de-vie are kept. At the house of Gautier, eaux-de-vie is selected from all four of the prestigious Cognac crus, including Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fins Bois and Bons Bois - the best of each cru is chosen and blended to create a beautiful harmony between the different and unique eaux-de-vie. Generous in the mouth, Gautier XO offers a splendid and persistent length on the palate, which is so characteristic of old Cognacs. It is aromatic, harmonious and intense and will be appreciated by casual Cognac drinkers as well as most clued up of connoisseurs.

The house of Gautier has been creating Cognac crafted with generosity since 1755. With the quest to create Cognac made with heart and soul, that is crafted without compromise allows this Cognac Maison to produce products offering an authentic tasting experience. Cellar Master, Isabelle Couprie takes pride in the alchemy and art of blending in order to curate a unified and harmonious Cognac from eaux-de-vie of separate entities. The aim of this brand is to produce a final Cognac that sets the standards of excellence for those who believe that a Cognac experience should always be generous and authentic.

Presentation of the bottle

The Gautier XO Lantern Cognac is a rare model and collectible for the most dedicated of Cognac aficionados. Presented in a sphere shaped glass bottle that is held between two pieces of oak wood, tied together with metal rods - this classic XO is resemblant of a vintage lantern. A piece of thick rope is secured to the top of the cage allowing the bottle to be carried in true lantern style. Due to its uniqueness and disguise from Cognac bottle to lantern, this decanter is a real conversation starter and one to be admired amongst the company of guests.

How to enjoy

XO from Masion Gautier is an intense Cognac with particularly rich aromas. Therefore the house recommends serving it neat, on the rocks or with a splash of sparkling water. This XO also pairs perfectly alongside a cigar - appreciating a good cigar with an XO Cognac is a rare moment that Cognac and cigar aficionados will particularly savour. The experience should be enjoyed in small sips as the power and intensity of this Cognac allows aromas to preserve on the palate whilst respecting the character of a good cigar.


World's Best Cognac Award - World Cognac Awards 2015 Outstanding

Gold Medal - International Wine and Spirit Competition 2015

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À propos de Gautier Cognac

Gautier Cognac is amongst the oldest Cognac houses, with a very unique location. Gautier is based in Aigre on the Osme river, and ages in an 18th century water mill. Aigre is also referred to as the "Little Venice" of Charente. The proximity to the water and the resulting humidity and temperature in the cellars gives the cognac a recognizable taste. Maison Gautier unites ancient history with a modern view of the Cognac market. Cognac Gautier caters to both professional Cognac connoisseurs and aficionados as well as younger consumers that like to experiment with Cognac and try out new and trendy cocktails.

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