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Domaine de la Chauvilliere XO Cognac

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Bons Bois

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Domaine de la Chauvilliere
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Eye: A deep, eye-catching mahogany dress.

Nose: A powerful and complex nose of orange peel and warm spices. 

Palate: The mouth is full-bodied, just as a well-aged Bons Bois should be. Melting on the tongue, the initial notes are of orange, pepper, blonde tobacco and crushed fruits. 

Appellation (Cru) & sol: Bons Bois

Bons Bois

Bons Bois


A Stunning Dress: the XO Cognac from Domaine de la Chauvillière

One of the finest exports of the Bons Bois terroir, the Domaine de la Chauvillière XO Cognac is certainly one to add to your collection. Harvested on the family-owned vineyard in Charente-Maritime, this Cognac offers a refined drinking experience with more than a decade of flavors and aromas. 

Founded in 1950 by the Hauselmann family, the Domaine de la Chauvillière does not shy away from the heritage or tradition of the Maison - this XO Cognac has been aged for at least 10 years using traditional techniques such as vinification in their traditional Charentais copper still. 

The region is known for its microclimate that produces exceptional harvests, especially with the Ugni Blanc grapes used in this Cognac - with long, dry summers and humid winters. This protection from adverse weather creates eaux-de-vie with a unique, aromatic intensity that can be used in cocktails, neat, on ice or even in high-end gastronomy.

All production processes happen on-site, from harvesting through to bottling, meaning the family has complete control over their produce. With its accessible price, this Cognac is an ideal contender for sipping neat with friends and family, while you savor the flavor profile that emerges. 

Serving Suggestions

This Cognac is best enjoyed neat, at room temperature. The Bons Bois cru creates strong, full-bodied aromas with a hint of maritime taste. We recommend leaving the Cognac to aerate in the glass for 10 minutes or so, or warming the glass with your hand before nosing and tasting. 

Presentation of the Bottle

This impeccably presented bottle emphasizes the nobility and traditional values of the Domaine de la Chauvillière with the company’s logo taking center stage. Its golden top and finishings on the label reflect the topaz jewel-like color of the Cognac within.

A classic and clean design that will fit nicely on the shelf alongside others in your personal collection.

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À propos de Domaine de la Chauvilliere

Located in the Bons Bois growth area, the Domaine de la Chauvillière is a family vineyard of 62 hectares with a stunning microclimate. Established in 1950, the Hauselmann family produced Cognac and Pineau des Charentes in the commune of Sablonceaux in Charente Maritime, and now they produce everything on site, from vine to the bottle. 

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