Léopold Gourmel VSOP Premières Saveurs
Léopold Gourmel VSOP Premières Saveurs
Léopold Gourmel VSOP Premières Saveurs
Léopold Gourmel VSOP Premières Saveurs

Leopold Gourmel VSOP Cognac

Appellation Contrôlée
Fins Bois

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Leopold Gourmel Cognac
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Eye: Amber with golden flecks.

Nose: Fresh candied fruit: grapes, peaches and apples with notes of iris and lime tree blossom.

Palate: Superb texture. Supple, delicate woody notes slowly blend into persistent hints of fruit and a warm, wonderfully open finish of nutmeg.

Appellation (Cru) & sol: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


Léopold Gourmel VSOP Cognac: A Natural Wonder

Aged for six years in un-toasted casks, the Léopold Gourmel VSOP Premiers Saveurs Cognac is a brilliant example of the bright, fruity flavors which characterize the Fins Bois region. Round and smooth with a fresh bouquet of pressed grapes, it expresses all the natural elements you’d expect from a modern and forward-thinking grower. 

Distilled with the lees and bottled without any chill-filtration, this is as natural as Cognac gets. Single vintage, strictly no additives, aged in un-toasted, extra fine grain French oak casks - here is the perfect example of delicacy and finesse; not aggressive, not caramelized, not artificially woody.

Gourmel specializes in using only grapes from the Fins Bois area in Cognac, the region with the oldest subsoil, where roots can go as far as 20-30 meters down to draw the best resources. The soil here is around 60% clay, retaining moisture and allowing the vines to thrive even during long, hot summers. This is where the hilliest land is found, providing eastern exposure and faster ripeness, making eaux-de-vie which are stronger, richer, more aromatic and mineral. Most importantly, no pesticides, chemicals or additives are used for the production of Gourmel Cognac.

Aiming to work in harmony with nature, Gourmel may not be the biggest producer - but what they make is all the more special. 

The cellar master of Léopold Gourmel says of this Cognac: "I am so proud of this 6-year-old Cognac that I nicknamed it Le Petit Gourmel” - translated literally as 'The Gourmel Kid'.

Presentation of the bottle

This edition of Léopold Gourmel's VSOP Premieres Sauvers Cognac comes in a modern-look decanter featuring a thick glass base. The presentation box unfolds with extended information about the bottling. 

Serving Suggestions

Set other Cognacs aside to mix in cocktails or long drinks; this is one to sip slowly. The fresh fruit aromas make the Léopold Gourmel VSOP perfect as an aperitif, digestif, or simply enjoyed on a late summer afternoon. 

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À propos de Leopold Gourmel Cognac

This cognac house has always relied on natural processes. From growing the grapes to picking, maturing, distilling, aging and bottling them, Gourmel cognac is free of any chemicals, pesticides or additives to enhance color in respect of nature and the final product. The philosophy of the company is to concentrate on quality not quantity, which means that one year the outcome may be higher than in others. This is further shown by the radical decision to produce only pure vintage cognacs, so there is no blending of different years in order to create VS, VSOP or XO cognacs for instance. To go with this authentic approach, the design of Gourmel is simple and modern.

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