Léopold Gourmel VSOP Bio Attitude

Léopold Gourmel VSOP Bio Attitude Cognac

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Fins Bois

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Leopold Gourmel Cognac
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A soft golden tint.


Floral, fruit notes that mature. A hint zest, complemented by a nutty aroma.


Balanced, with some smooth buttery hints. The finish is correct and displays excellence influence from the Fins Bois soil notes.

Appellation (Cru) & sol: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


Léopold Gourmel VSOP Bio Attitude Cognac

An adventurous Cognac, it is comprised of only organic grape with the entire process of production being overseen by Ecocert to ensure that “no chemicals, no pesticides affect the grapes”. It is thanks to this attention to detail that VSOP Bio Attitude boasts an enticingly fresh flavor. Produced from eaux-de-vie from the Fins Bois growth area, the soil’s influence offers an earthy feel to this grounded Cognac.

Produced from a house that upholds the ethos of “quality over quantity” exceptionality is guaranteed within this creation. Displaying favorable authenticity, it is easy to see why Leopold Gourmet is selected by the finest Michelin-starred restaurants. From the carefully crafted organic processing to the fine finish this is a truly original Cognac.

Presentation of the bottle

At first glance, the earthy organic essence of this Cognac is evident. The use of earthy green and brown colors communicates the simplicity and clean feel of the bottle's contents. Boldly branded with the brilliance that bought it to life and finely finished with a wooden cork to complete its quality with ease.

How to enjoy

Thanks to its light refreshing flavor this Cognac suits perfectly as an apéritif either on its own or into a longer drink.

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À propos de Leopold Gourmel Cognac

This cognac house has always relied on natural processes. From growing the grapes to picking, maturing, distilling, aging and bottling them, Gourmel cognac is free of any chemicals, pesticides or additives to enhance color in respect of nature and the final product. The philosophy of the company is to concentrate on quality not quantity, which means that one year the outcome may be higher than in others. This is further shown by the radical decision to produce only pure vintage cognacs, so there is no blending of different years in order to create VS, VSOP or XO cognacs for instance. To go with this authentic approach, the design of Gourmel is simple and modern.

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