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Bowen Cognac
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Freshy, fruity and floral aromas. Essence of ripe pear, succulent plumb and nutty notes.


Initially soft, followed by a powerful body encompassing lively fruitiness.

Appellation (Cru) & sol: Blend

Bois Ordinaires
Bons Bois
Fins Bois
Petite Champagne
Grande Champagne


Bowen VS Cognac 

A captivating Cognac, this Bowen VS embodies all that a traditional choice of Cognac should boast. With a fresh, fruity flavour and a personality that packs a punch, it’s an impressively encompassing beverage. Made from a unique blend of grapes and a well-established aging process, in true Bowen style, excellence is guaranteed in every sip.

Evident in its lively flavours and unique selection of Cognac’s, Bowen’s history is one full of zest. Brought to life by a love story that embodies plenty of travel and adventure, Bowen is regarded for its exceptional vigour. Founded in the early 20th century, this Cognac house sits perfectly balanced between tradition and contemporary chic. Expressing that expertly, this Bowen VS encapsulates an impressive heritage with a modern flair to be enjoyed by all.

Presentation of the bottle 

Clear and concise in its presentation, this is a Cognac of sheer sophistication. Stamped with its well-renowned logo, the bottle presents effortless elegance in every inch. Gold and amber highlights shine underneath a sleek, silver sticker to create a fresh, contemporary appeal. Illustrations of maps and travel embellishments are aptly placed to represent Bowen's history of adventure, portraying the impressive worldliness that lies within every bottle.

How to enjoy 

Packing an enticingly fresh flavour, the Bowen VS Cognac suits a solo venture, whether that be neat or over ice. Thanks to its fruity essence, it is also perfectly paired with a cocktail to pack a memorable punch. With a sleek design, the Cognac would make an exceptional gift.

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À propos de Bowen Cognac

Bowen Cognac has a romantic backstory, coming into being through a man’s love for a woman combined with all the excitement of travel and intrigue. Known as much for their miniature sized cognac bottles as the regular, Bowen produces a range of different qualities, including an interesting ‘Pale Cognac’ specifically produced to be mixed with tonic or savoured on the rocks.

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