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Paul Giraud 1999 Vintage Cognac

Appellation Contrôlée
Grande Champagne

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Paul Giraud
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Notes de dégustation

Eye: The striking amber finish is clear for all to see, and the appearance also lasts well into the glass once poured, taking on a slightly golden hue after aeration.

Nose: A perfectly balanced nose of dried herbs gives the Cognac a distinctive fragrance. A light tobacco smell is easily detected along with a bright wood finish.

Palate: Expect to taste candied fruits, caramelized plum and apricot and slightly burnt sugar flavors. A rich yet subtle Cognac, 1999 is the perfect blend of powerful flavors and light overtones.


A Paul Giraud Grande Champagne Vintage from 1999 

An ideal vintage to share at the end of a meal with family or friends, the 1999 Cognac Paul Giraud is an immediate classic. The aging has developed both the color and flavor profile of the 40% ABV Cognac. The Grande Champagne classic flavors of flora and light fruits come through this bottle well strength and determination through the aging process.

A beautiful bottle to look at as well as drink, the classic Cognac is definitely one for the display cabinet, to be enjoyed on special occasions with fellow Cognac enthusiasts! Thanks to the characteristics of the pure chalk within the Grande Champagne soil, the floral and light flavors that are produced are balanced with the extensive aging process of the Cognac, giving it a rich yet subtle blend of flavors and taste.

Cognac Giraud is based within the prime "1er Cru" cognac growing area of the Grande Champagne. Known for producing an exquisite range of aged cognacs. The Bouteville-based estate combines a strong belief in traditional methods with a modern take on Cognac production, avoiding any chemicals in the agricultural process to deliver a pure and refined Cognac, made with passion, dedication, and care, every time.

Presentation of the bottle

The 700ml bottle itself is in the distinctive style of Giraud Cognac, with an ornate ‘1999’ label above the main body of the bottle. The large label in the center of the bottle uses the classic cognac Giraud branding and calligraphy and the slim neck is covered with a golden seal. Proofed at 40% ABV.

How to serve

Make the most of this Cognac, for it has been made with care over 20 years. Pour, let it breathe and savor the wonderful taste!

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À propos de Paul Giraud

The location of Cognac Giraud is in the prime "1er Cru" cognac growing area of the Grande Champagne, which allows Giraud to produce an exquisite cognac range, from a 6-year old to a 50-year old cognac. The estate is based in Bouteville, and with some additional vineyards in St. Même-les-Carrières, the growing area comes to 35 hectares. The cognac house combines a strong belief in traditional methods with a modern take on cognac production, avoiding any kinds of chemicals or pesticides in their agriculture and coloring additives in the final blends. The work on the plants as well as the actual harvest of the grapes is still done manually, assuring the best possible treatment of the grapes in order to generate the highest quality for the eau-de-vie. Also, Giraud only produces pure vintage cognacs, which means that they never blend eaux-de-vie from different years, but trust in the fine differences between the annual vintages.

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