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Park Vintage 1972 Petite Champagne Cognac

Appellation Contrôlée
Petite Champagne

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Park Cognac
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Notes de dégustation

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Eye: Light golden tints soften into a depth of mahogany.

Nose: The delectable floral scent captures the Petite Champagne origins of this vintage delightfully. Beyond the initial entry, a variety of aromas opens with sweet notes of dried apricots and blackcurrant. A slow transition into slightly bitter herbaceous woody essence embodies in the scent of pink grapefruit.

Palate: Sweet notes of vanilla and milk chocolate entice in the opening of flavor. Subsequent to its gentle initiation an exceptionally long finish endures.

Appellation (Cru) & sol: Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne


Park Vintage 1972 Petite Champagne Cognac

The delightful Park Vintage 1972 Cognac is, at present, in a minority in the cognac world because there aren't that many vintage, year-specific cognacs available. Whilst it may not be a widespread choice, it's a wonderful example of how great such a cognac can be. This cognac is made solely of Petite Champagne eau-de-vie, with delicate floral aromas and dominant fruity notes–typical for this terroir.

The harvest of 1972 was the result of a cold and rainy spring that caused the vines to flower later than usual. But a dry, hot summer followed, allowing a well-balanced maturation of the grapes. These had a high level of acidity, meaning the eaux-de-vie could be easily and well-preserved. This in turn made for an excellent quality distillation, resulting in rich, powerful wines.

A delight from a fast-growing brand, Park Cognac comes under the umbrella of the large Tessendier & Fils, with a history dating back to the 19th century. Despite its relatively recent entry as its own entity, Park Cognac is already making its mark with exceptional Cognac creations. Known for producing blends both young and old, this rare vintage clearly demonstrates why this Cognac house is one to become familiar with.

Presentation of the bottle

Displayed in a bottle with an endearing simplicity, it is immediately clear that this display intends to allow the Cognac to speak for itself. Housed in a traditional bottle complemented by bold sans and minimal serif fonts, it conveys its balance with history and contemporary creation effortlessly. In contrast, its first impression offers a brilliantly bold entry. Finished in a black and gold wooden box, the rarity and exceptionality are immediately evident from the first glance. It would make an exceptional gift or addition to a Cognac cabinet.

How to enjoy

Due to its varied notes and delectable flavor, this Cognac is best enjoyed neat to allow the full essence of its flavor to be appreciated. Savor its exceptionally long Petite Champagne finish with slow sips over plenty of time.

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À propos de Park Cognac

Cognac Park is a brand produced by the large eaux-de-vie group Tessendier & Fils, a wholesaler who has a traceable history dating back to the 19th century. Presented in elegant ‘cognacaise’ bottles, the range encompasses all of the growing regions of the area, and produce blends both young and old. A relatively recent brand, the popularity of Cognac Park is beginning to grow, as more consumers in various countries become aware of its existence.

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