Comandon Ex-Banyuls from Terres des Templiers 2012 Vintage Cognac 01

Comandon Ex-Banyuls from Terres des Templiers 2012 Vintage Cognac

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Fins Bois

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Comandon Cognac
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Eye: Deep dark reddish amber.

Nose: Pastry cream and toasted cookie dough. Grainy, and warm. 

Palate: Rich fruit cake, and a saltiness that perfectly balances the fruits of the orchard.  A long finish, with citrus, orange notes.

Appellation (Cru) & sol: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


A Vintage 2012 Fins Bois Cognac

The iconic independent Cognac brand Comandon have completed their first ever experiment with the cask finish of an ex-wine finish Cognac. The Comandon Rare Cask Finish in Ex-Banyuls is the result of a fine collaboration with Terres des Templiers, the oldest vineyard and winemaker in the whole of France. This is therefore an exciting addition to their single cask collection, and is a wonderful Vintage dating back to 2012. For this particular Cognac, Comandon have chosen eaux-de-vie from the largest cru in the Cognac region, the Fins Bois. This cru is generally characterized by its environment that ages quickly, its proximity to a maritime climate and the fact that it circles three other crus. Ex-Banyuls single barrels have been selected from the prestigious vineyard that dates back nearly three millennia, and so it is truly precious.

The famous terraced vineyard of Terres des Templiers is found, in Banyuls-sur Mer off the coast of France. Quite literally nestled between mountains, sun and sea, it is a spectacular place for aging wines, and its barrels are special indeed. A collaboration with Comandon underlines the collaborative and experimental nature of this Cognac house. This is an exciting point in Cognac history.

The prestige of Comandon Vintage

Founded in 1821, the Maison Comandon is in Cognac and is thought to be the oldest house in the whole of the Old Town, and is considered to be the first place which started Cognac production. The foundations of the house date back to 418 BC, during Roman rule. It therefore has a large reputation to uphold, and does so wonderfully. As an independent, small-batch brand, the Cognac selection normally functions with a “once it’s gone, it’s gone” mentality.

How to enjoy

What better way to savor each aroma and note of this finely aged Cognac than enjoying it neat? You will taste all of its maritime history with each sip.

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À propos de Comandon Cognac

Comandon is an independent Cognac house that continue to control all of their production in-house. Their philosophy lies in uniting traditional elegance and two centuries of savoir-faire with modernity and pushing the boundaries, which can be seen in their bespoke branding campaigns and unique internet presence. Think La Dolce Vita meets Armani.

With an extremely forward-thinking marketing agenda and a particularly hands-on approach when it comes to the music and entertainment industry, Comandon have carved themselves an interesting space for a niche approach to the Cognac business.

They do an exceptional job of producing small, artisanal batches that offer rare and limited glimpses into one particular terroir, or one exceptional harvest, whether the eaux-de-vie are younger or older. For this reason, they defy tradition in the Cognac world, who believe that “older is better” and producing the same Cognac year in, year out is the end objective. Comandon instead work in tandem with nature, initiating unique collaborations for their single cask collection, and never fearing experimentation.

With a history dating back around 200 years, the Cognac house continue to produce excellent Cognac and receive top-notch awards.

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