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Giboin Napoléon Réserve de Castex 70cl Cognac

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Grape Varieties
Ugni Blanc
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Teneur en alcool
Giboin Cognac
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Notes de dégustation

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Palate: Notes of chocolate, grapes, and dried fruit. A subtle balance between the fruity spirit and the oaky cask.

Appellation (Cru) & sol: Blend

Bois Ordinaires
Bons Bois
Fins Bois
Petite Champagne
Grande Champagne


Giboin Napoléon Réserve de Castex 70cl Cognac

Dedicated to family ancestor, Generale de Castex, who served under Napoleon 1st, this Cognac is a fine blend of eaux-de-vie distilled between 2001 and 2005. Distilled with its own lees, as well as other added lees, this distinct blend reveals notes of chocolate, grapes and dried fruit. A beautiful balance of the fruity eaux-de-vie and the oaky wooden cask of which it was aged within.

With hundreds of years worth of expertise under their belt, it’s safe to say, the close-knit family running Maison Giboin know a thing or two about Cognac. Based in both the Borderies and Fins bois crus, Giboin are artisanal masters in the creation of quality products characteristic of the region and subsoil. Offering a variety of unique Cognacs and Pineau de Charentes, the house of Giboin is a notable brand that deserves a firm place in any Cognac collection.

Presentation of the bottle

Presented in a classic bottle with deep emerald green accents, this Cognac’s regal inspiration is embodied throughout the product. With a portrait of Generale de Castex illustrated on the bottles label, it displays a strong image that is sure to stand out amongst other Cognacs on the spirits shelf. Available in both 50cl and 70cl bottle sizes, the 50cl version arrives with a matching presentation sleeve, serving beautifully as a lavish gift. While the full-size 70cl bottle, arriving on its own is the perfect addition to the Cognac enthusiasts own personal collection.

How to enjoy

Enjoy this blend neat or on the rocks. The perfect Napoleon Cognac for an afternoon amongst friends and family. Pair with a rich and velvety chocolate cake or fruity cigar as a delicious digestive following a dinner with guests.

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À propos de Giboin Cognac

Giboin est un producteur expert de Cognac et de Pineau de Charentes, avec 60 acres de vignes dans les régions de production de Cognac des Borderies et de Fins Bois de la Charente. Cette marque familiale traditionnelle a une histoire qui remonte au début du XIXe siècle et produit exclusivement une quantité très limitée de cognac par an. Utilisant principalement des raisins Ugni Blanc, mais aussi du Merlot, Giboin s'efforce de rester fidèle aux méthodes utilisées par les fondateurs de la famille et, pour une petite maison, conserve une gamme étonnamment polyvalente et étendue de produits de Cognac et de Pineau. 

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