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Hine Triomphe Cognac

Appellation Contrôlée
Grande Champagne

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Âge du cognac
Hors d'Age

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Taille de bouteille
Teneur en alcool
Hine Cognac
954 $US
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Notes de dégustation

Eye: Brilliant copper. 

Nose: The opening is timorous and silken with delicate suggestions of white cedar complemented by vanilla, candied fruit and tobacco. 

Palate: The woody aromas lead into a more intense palate of liquorice, chocolate and mild spices. Caramelized apples and plums dominate the finish, prolonging the last delicious mouthful almost indefinitely.

Appellation (Cru) & sol: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


A Triumph of Grande Champagne

Pleasing the eye as well as the palate, Hine Triomphe Cognac was first created in 1888 to celebrate the winegrowers’ triumph over the phylloxera epidemic, which decimated European vineyards and brought the Cognac industry to its knees. This hors d’age Cognac comprises a blend of some fifty exceptional and fully matured eaux-de-vie produced exclusively from Grande Champagne grapes, matured in small casks in Hine's Jarnac cellars. 

Every small step of the process to create Hine Triomphe Cognac has been taken to create a flawless result. The premier cru Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie used for this blend were selected and put aside 50 to 60 years ago, chosen for their exceptional complexity and finesse. The type of casks chosen, and their location, are also carefully considered. A lower volume to surface area ratio allows the spirit to extract more flavors from the wood, while the high humidity environment of the cellars - located by the River Charente - slows down evaporation to create a more mellow and refined Cognac. 

Founded as a Cognac house in 1763 and named Thomas Hine & Co. in 1817, the House of Hine is now under the watchful eye of sixth-generation Company Director Bernard Hine. As a family business, Hine Cognac knows the importance of thinking ahead, always looking for the best eaux-de-vie to save for the future. It’s only after waiting over half a century that a bottle of Hine Triomphe Cognac is ready to see the world. Most of the people who harvested the grapes, pressed the wine and laid down the casks would never live to see the result - they left that indescribable pleasure for the next generation. 


  • International Wine & Spirit Competition 2008 - Silver Medal 
  • International Wine & Spirit Competition 2007 - Silver Medal
  • International Wine & Spirit Competition 2006 - Gold Medal, Best in Class
  • International Wine & Spirit Competition 2005 - Gold Medal, Trophy
  • International Spirits Challenge 2005 - Silver Medal

Presentation of the Bottle 

The Hine Triomphe Cognac comes in a stunning decanter with soft edges and an art deco profile, inside a sleek, black presentation box which opens like a jewellery case. This is a bottle that invokes true feelings of luxury, and it’s no surprise that it received a Gold Medal for design at the 2012 Pentawards - the world's leading packaging design competition.

How to Enjoy Hine Triomphe Cognac

To fully enjoy this finely crafted Cognac, we recommend serving it as a digestif in tulip glasses at room temperature. It’s also a fantastic pairing for desserts or aged cheeses.

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À propos de Hine Cognac

Située au cœur de la Grande Champagne, la région viticole de premier plan de la région de Cognac, la maison Hine produit certains des cognacs les plus exquis depuis six générations, alors mieux connue sous le nom de Cognac T Hine & Co. Le domaine s'enorgueillit d'une superficie exceptionnelle de 173 acres de vignes, et la maison a une tradition très particulière de production de quantités relativement faibles, mais avec un niveau de qualité très élevé. L'une de ses marques de fabrique est le stockage de ses fûts dans des caves humides à Bristol, en Angleterre. De cette façon, le cognac Thomas Hine passe par un processus de vieillissement unique en son genre, dû à l'humidité de la ville côtière, qui diffère quelque peu de celle de la côte sud-ouest de la France. Ces bouteilles millésimées très chères sont appelées "Hine Early-Landed Vintage Cognac".

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