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Grosperrin N°67 Grande Champagne Cognac

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Hors d'Age

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Grande Champagne

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Teneur en alcool
Grosperrin Cognac
370 $US
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Notes de dégustation

Eye: Amber robe.

Nose: A full, dense nose of spice, rancio, prune, and dried flowers.

Palate: Delicate, oily, light notes of undergrowth and bitter chocolate. A stunning development, with a lot of elegance. The finish is rich and generous, well balanced and very typical of a Grande Champagne.


Note: The image does not show the actual bottle. 

A Grande Champagne Cognac from 1967

This fine element of the Cognac de Collection was procured from a winemaker in the region of Salles-d'Angles, whose father owned large stocks assembled by himself and previous generations of his family. The oldest stocks were the subject of a family dispute, and it took a while for the son to sell them to Grosperrin. The Grosperrin No.67 Grande Champagne Cognac is one of them. Stored for many years in a small cask of 10 hectoliters, it was placed in a small clay cellar before moving to those of the Grosperrin Maison, where it remained sleeping in 350-liter barrels after slight reduction in February 2016.

The Grande Champagne is renowned for producing fine eaux-de-vie, thanks to the chalky soil and sloping gradient. Cognacs produced in the Premier Cru are generally complex, take longer to mature and have an incredible finish.

The Cognacs de Collection share the same origin, as they all descend from the same property, were distilled in the same still, and were stored in the same cellar to mature. It’s an incredible story. A long time ago, an 80-year-old couple sold the Cognacs to Jean Grosperrin, The Grande Champagne No.67 Cognac has an interesting story behind it forming part of the Cognac de Collection at Grosperrin.

An 80-year-old couple sold the barrels to Jean in 1992, while his father-in-law had been a distiller and winegrower. Each year, he would give his children one or two barrels of the Cognac from that year, and it was these very casks that were sold to Jean Grosperrin years later. The cask of this very Cognac had been stored in a tiny cellar with no electricity, and had never been topped up after a large amount had evaporated! After 40 years they were only left with around 120 liters of the original 350-400 liters. It is for this reason that the remaining spirit has been guarded carefully and maintained to the highest of standards by the grandson of the Grosperrin Maison who operates 30 hectares on two small properties.

Presentation of the Grosperrin No.67 Cognac

Bottled and proofed at 47.5% ABV, the decanter is slim with a wooden stopper. Grosperrin never adds sugar or caramel coloring to their Cognacs.

Enjoy this Cognac neat, as it exists in very limited quantity.

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À propos de Grosperrin Cognac

This relatively new, independent cognac house was created in 1992 and the brand named after its founder. The actual name of the cognac house is La Gabare and it is one of the few independent houses left in the region of Cognac. A family run firm, La Gabare is all about creating and marketing the finest of old cognacs. They do this under two brand names – Cognac de Collection Jean Grosperrin and Le Roch.

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