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Bowen Extra Cognac

Bowen Extra Cognac

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Bowen Cognac
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Nose: A Cognac with rich, complex aromas marked by the typical Chaentes Rancio odor.

Flavour: It’s impressive aging process has created a highly concentrated palate. With a blossoming smoothness, it holds its flavour delightfully.

Appellation (Cru) & sol: Blend

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Petite Champagne
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Bowen Extra Cognac

A unique Cognac, the rich and robust flavour of the Bowen Extra is not to be missed. Smooth and lasting, this is a classic that embodies everything a traditional Cognac should encompass. Standing as a spirit of excellence, the Bowen Extra holds a high standard of class from its unforgettable flavour, rich brown hue and design that effortlessly portrays the Cognac as the true classic it is.

Brought to life through a beautiful love affair. In the early 20th century the head of the Cognac House, Oliver Shabass, met the wondrous Elizabeth Bowen on a venture to travel the world and promote his Cognac. Struck by her passion of nature and freedom of spirit, upon his return to France he created a Cognac that embodied all that he loved about her. The history of that very flavour is what we are able to enjoy in outstanding Cognac’s, like the Bowen Extra, today.

Presentation of the bottle 

Dressed in a half-round glass battle, with a royal gold top and a mahogany leather sleeve, this is a classic Cognac that effortlessly stands out on a shelf. A deep, dark dress compliments the orange hue of the Cognac to create enticing dusky tones. Placed in an immaculate leather box to house its rarity expertly, this is a package with undeniable classification. Tradition is stamped boldly on the front of the bottle, representing the long-line of excellence that features in every drop.

How to enjoy

A Cognac to be enjoyed on its own to allow its impressive ageing process to take centre stage. Perfectly suited as an after-dinner tipple, or saved for a rare occasion that deserves celebrating. Would also act as a spectacular gift.

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À propos de Bowen Cognac

Bowen Cognac has a romantic backstory, coming into being through a man’s love for a woman combined with all the excitement of travel and intrigue. Known as much for their miniature sized cognac bottles as the regular, Bowen produces a range of different qualities, including an interesting ‘Pale Cognac’ specifically produced to be mixed with tonic or savoured on the rocks.

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