Dudognon Cognac

Dudognon Cognac

Maison Dudognon comprises a family of award-winning winegrowers, based in the heart of the famed Grande Champagne.

The family has been lovingly working with the land for several generations, with their Cognac production starting back in 1776. Ugni Blanc is their main grape variety, but in an effort to repopulate previously abandoned grapes in the region, the Dudognons have replanted Folle Blanche and Montils, adding great variety to their offering.

From harvesting and distilling to aging and blending, each of the processes is finessed in-house with painstaking care. Amongst their range, you’ll find Cognacs that have been aged for a minimum of eight years, ranging from VSOP right through to Héritage. Their pièce de résistance is their oldest Cognac: the Paulin Dudognon, which has been preserved in the family’s cellars for three generations.

Visit Dudognon: La Davore , 16130 Lignières-Sonneville ,+33 5 45 80 50 42 ,www.maisondudognon.com

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