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Park Mizunara 3 Miniatures Set Cognac

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5 x 50ml
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Park Cognac
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Notes de dégustation

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Eye: All three Cognacs have a light golden hue.

Nose: The three Cognacs in this collection possess a soft floral aroma of violet, typical of Borderies’ Cognacs. Fruity hints of pears and cherries are also present and subtle notes of spices such as vanilla, cinnamon and white pepper become more evident as the aging process increases through the series.

Palate: These Borderies’ Cognacs are marked by their soft, round taste and floral notes, with hints of honey, fruit compote and a slight woodiness. The ageing in Japanese oak casks brings a creaminess and depth. The longer each Cognac has been left to mature, the spicier and more complex the notes become, introducing flavors of liquorice, cinnamon and vanilla.

Appellation (Cru) & sol: Borderies




Park Mizunara 3 Miniatures Set

The Cognac Park Borderies Mizunara range introduces a unique alliance between a Single Cru Borderies Cognac and the Mizunara Japanese oak.

All three of these Cognacs are 100% from Borderies, the most exclusive of the six terroirs in the Cognac region. The eaux-de-vie produced here is unique in its characteristics, it is floral, round and sweet, with subtle hints of violets. The eaux-de-vie goes through the process of double distillation using traditional copper pot stills which makes it possible to obtain complex, finely elaborated spirits.

All three of the Cognacs in the collection are first aged in French Limousin oak barrels for a varied amount of time depending on the quality, spending time in both new and old casks. Finally, at the end of the aging period the Cognacs are rested for several months in new Japanese oak barrels of the Mizunara varietal. The finishing in Japanese oak casks brings unctuosity, depth and confers complex, spicy notes. It is a marriage that gives birth to an exclusive product.

Presentation of the bottles:

The minimalistic design of the bottles represents their Japanese element. They are both stylish and contemporary.

How to enjoy:

The Mizunara Cognacs can be served neat in a tulip glass at 18° so as to release all their aromatic finesse and roundness. Or taste on the rocks and add an ice cube to bring out all the freshness of the product.

After sipping your Park Borderies Mizunara, leave a little in the bottom of your tasting glass. Return to the glass a few minutes later and inhale the perfume of Park Borderies Mizunara once again. You should discover a host of new aromas, further expanding your appreciation of this distinctive cognac.


Singapore International Competition Gold 2018

Shogun Japan Spirits Competition Silver 2018

USA Spirits Ratings Competition Bronze 2018

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sur  20 April 2021
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Good to compare

These three Cognacs are not exactly my taste. But it's always interesting to compare different kinds and years of cognac.
They are for shure good made. But the color of the taste is for me too orangey and fruity...

sur   3 April 2021
0 1 2 3 4
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great value

Great value for a fine cognac

À propos de Park Cognac

Cognac Park is a brand produced by the large eaux-de-vie group Tessendier & Fils, a wholesaler who has a traceable history dating back to the 19th century. Presented in elegant ‘cognacaise’ bottles, the range encompasses all of the growing regions of the area, and produce blends both young and old. A relatively recent brand, the popularity of Cognac Park is beginning to grow, as more consumers in various countries become aware of its existence.

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