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This week we want to send special support and gratitude to our readers in the US. We know your country cherishes diversity and openness towards all cultures. We observe this daily–when you buy the rarest French Cognac–keen to learn, experiment, and share with those close to you.

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Tasting review: Eye: Dark, golden color Nose: Rich and generous, exceptional aromas of fruits and flowers Palate: Very balanced, with some spicy hints. An extremely well rounded Cognac with a wonderfully long finish
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700ml / 40%
$ 346.80 $ 294.78
A strong, intense cognac. Dominant finish. 
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700ml / 40%
$ 508.80
The master blender states: " Very soft complex nose, slight cloves and pepper ; warm, mid-length palate with slightly peppery final edge. A true reflection of a forty years old Cognac. "
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$ 219.00