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This week we want to send special support and gratitude to our readers in the US. We know your country cherishes diversity and openness towards all cultures. We observe this daily–when you buy the rarest French Cognac–keen to learn, experiment, and share with those close to you.

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Eye: A dark amber color that indicates its age. Nose: This exquisite and mature Hors d’Age Cognac boasts the luxurious aromas of the Grande Champagne. Its bouquet offers a perfect balance between fruit, flowers, and spices. It is a beautiful blend of earthy, wintery notes and light,...
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700ml / 40%
$ 289.00
Eye: Reddish amber. Nose: Fragrant notes of cedar wood and orange blossom, with a wonderful and award-winning rancio. Incredibly complex array of aromas. Palate: Chocolate cherry fudge with a nutty element, medium full body and a complex finish that goes on an on. The flavors are...
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700ml / 40%
$ 509.00
Eye: Deep mahogany. Nose: Spicy, masculine aromas. The smell of tobacco, leather and cigars comes to mind. This transforms into spicy notes of clove and pepper. White and dried fruit appear, and a wonderful rancio. Palate: A complex Paul Giraud Cognac which has a long and elegant...
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$ 219.00