Prunier Grande Champagne Extra Cognac

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Prunier Cognac

The Prunier Extra Cognac is one of the flagship products of this traditional cognac house. Created purely from eaux-de-vies from Grande Champagne, each has been aged for over 40 years in mild conditions.  The idea behind this extra special cognac is for the family Prunier to share with you their passion, love, and true dedication to the art that is cognac making.

A delightful, old gold colour - bright and beautiful.  On the nose it's immediately rich and deep.  Magnificent wood combines with the aromas of leather and tobacco.  Beautiful distinction and complexity.  On the palate, the first impression is mellowness together with walnuts and beeswax.  Beautifully long and full.

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Grande Champagne
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Prunier Grande Champagne Extra

Prunier Grande Champagne Extra

No tasting notes available.

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