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Hennessy Cognac

This is not a simple cognac, it is named after the worlds famous cognac houses founder Richard Hennessy: Cognac Extra Richard Hennessy, 70 cl hand made Baccarat decanter and at 40% ABV - as usual. It is blended from more than 100 fine eaux-de-vie, that were aged up to 200 years in rustic oak barrels.

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Hennessy Jas (et Cie) - the world famous Cognac producer Hennessy has a history dating back to 1765 when the company was established by Irishman Richard Hennessy. Initially an eaux-de-vie trading business, Hennessy was going to become the most successful Cognac exporter in the world. Today, part of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Group, the company remains to be amongst the most innovative Cognac companies around, forcing collaborations with new markets such as the Hip Hop scene in the US. Its estate and headquarters are based in the famous town of Cognac in Charente.

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martina 2013-10-19

I own this cognac...and I am not a big fan of cognac in general.Actually,would like to sell it.Is there anyone interested?

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Cole 2013-07-03

I have an empty Hennessy Richard older style with Green leather case and 2 stoppers for sale. Please email me for photos etc. [email protected]

    TWS 2013-06-23

    I have a bottle of this that is brand new sealed in the package. I will take $2,000 for it. I am selling it for a friend who doesn't have time to sell it. WIll send pics etc. It is located in Las Vegas.

      TOMMY 2013-03-20

      Do you still have I will buy it , please provide pictures. Thanks you

        rue 2013-02-17

        Hi, I'm interested the hennessy richards. Please contact me.

          Michele 2013-01-29

          I have bottle no 16 sealed in Baccarat with leather gift box. Any offer over $2,000.00 US will be considered. Of course in leather box, even have original purchase receipl.(comment by admin: first offers, then email exchange please. We are keeping it transparent. Thank you)

            Mike 2013-01-26

            I'm will buy for you paradise no box How much would you want?

              Roger 2013-01-16

              I have a bottle of (700)ml. Paradise Extra Rare Cognac, un-opened, no box. Any offers out there? Will sell for the right price.

                Mike nguyen 2013-01-09

                Hennessy Richard seal bottle I want to buy any oneWant to sale I offer 1000$ - 1500 [email protected]

                  Mr lou 2012-11-05

                  I have a bottle of Hennessy paradis in the baccarat crystal decanter..Made in 1982.. It has no box or the crystal cork.. It is still sealed.. Any questions, can reach me at ([email protected]).. Thank you..

                    paquin 2012-10-29

                    I have such a botle in its original green leather box and am ready to sell it if good offer

                      Dave 2012-09-02

                      i have a bottle of Richard Hennessy Cognac its has a crystal stopper looks like a leather case a little book need to know where to fine what number it is and how much is it worth

                        Jorge Hernandez 2012-08-22

                        I have this bottle for over 5year sad to have to let it go but I want to invest this. money on my son education this bottle is selling for over 3,000 usd am asking for 1,999 usd if interested pls call at 1650 222 1796

                          Jorge Hernandez 2012-08-22

                          I own bottle #26 I have this bottle for over 5year sad to have to let it go but I want to invest this money on my son education this bottle is selling for over 3,000 usd am asking for 1,999 usd if interested pls call at 1650 222 1796

                            Maria 2012-07-24

                            Bought it by Mokaon! lucky as it has been hard to find!

                              Rick Vann 2012-06-22

                              I own bottle #3 of this awesome cognac. I am wondering if anyone else out there has bottle #1 or #2 or #4 through #10. Wow, I hope someday I would be courageous enough to open this rare cognac and enjoy to the fullest.

                                Bobbi 2012-06-11

                                Hi I have a bottle of Richard Hennesy Cognac, no box nor the other stopper, only the original in the bottle stopper. My uncle died recently and this is one of the items left to me. If you are interested, let me know, call +6421747011 or email me [email protected] . Thanks

                                  Don Henny 2012-06-06

                                  I have an Old Richard for sale, green box crystal bottle & booklet.

                                    Urs 2012-03-24

                                    What a dream. Somebody gave me a full bottle as a present When i just saw the price , i went crazy. I love coñacs but i never had one like that.

                                      Joe 2012-03-15

                                      what a beautiful bottle! good god, I want this cognac!

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                                        Hennessy Richard Extra

                                        Hennessy Richard Extra

                                        Its an intense cognac. The cognac is both balanced and complex, its bouquet (on the nose) presents some great vanilla aroma, spices - some pepper and flowery notes. On the palate: A fine texture of spicy, fruity and fine oak-influenced note.

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