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Hennessy Cognac

The Hennessy Réserve Privée or Private Reserve is a reference to the first label Hennessy introduced to the market in 1865.

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Hennessy Jas (et Cie) - the world famous Cognac producer Hennessy has a history dating back to 1765 when the company was established by Irishman Richard Hennessy. Initially an eaux-de-vie trading business, Hennessy was going to become the most successful Cognac exporter in the world. Today, part of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Group, the company remains to be amongst the most innovative Cognac companies around, forcing collaborations with new markets such as the Hip Hop scene in the US. Its estate and headquarters are based in the famous town of Cognac in Charente.

10 reviews for Hennessy Extra Private Reserve

Michael 2013-05-14

How much does a bottle of VSOP reserve Hennessy 1765, fetch? I want to buy one for my uncle?

    Cangoc 2013-03-07

    I have several bottles of 1865 private reserves. How much is it worth today?

      tom 2013-01-12

      John Wall, please open the bottle and enjoy the good.no need to keep it as a collectorsitem.this is meant to be dronken!!!i drin a bottle of 2-3 XO a month

        dominik 2012-10-08

        I have 2 bottles of the 1865 for salecontact me via cognac-expert at yourbottle@cognac-expert.com

          John Wall 2012-10-08

          I have a very old looking, unopened bottle of Hennessey Cognac. On the neck of the bottle is a label with 3 stars. I got it from a young man who said he found it in his grandfathers cellar. I would love to open it and try it, as I do enjoy Hennessey Cognac. I am wondering if is worth anything. I saw a picture of it online, but can't find it again. Any info, suggestions, advice? No date anywhere on the bottle. I'm wondering how old it is. John Wall

            Don Henny 2012-09-23

            I have quit some Hennessy bottles for sale. You can contact me

              Nicolas 2012-09-12

              Any for sale or trade? I also collect Hennessy bottles.

                Don Henny 2012-03-17

                1873 & 1865 cost about 250 euro/bottle

                  victor 2012-03-12

                  How much is a bottle of hennessy private reserve

                    diane kelley 2012-01-28

                    How much is a bottle of Hennessy Private Reserve 1873??

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                      Hennessy Extra Private Reserve

                      Hennessy Extra Private Reserve

                      On the nose we discover a rather full combination of aromas, floral, green citrus - followed by sweet vanilla and some nuts, almonds. Now lets discover the palate: A relatively rough start, then it gets more gentle and evolves into a long final with pleasant spices and lemon. Thats a good cognac...

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