De Luze Extra Expression Cognac

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De Luze Cognac

Presented in a delightfully contemporary decanter, the De Luze Extra Expression Cognac is a Grande Champagne blend that will certainly hit the spot for anyone who enjoys fine liquor.  Incredibly aromatic, this top end Cognac will be one to savor on special occasions.

The presentation highlights the elegance of the Cognac.  The decanter combines the three elements in Buddhism that symobolize 'Zen' - the triangle, the circle, and the square.  This translates in the following manner:

- The triangle represents the family: from the 24 generations of the De Luze family knowledge, through to the input from  everyone involved to create the final product.

- The circle is eternity, and the source of the Cognac - Grande Champagne.

- The square represents the 'four holy foods' of Cognac - the vine, the soil, the craftsmanship, and the long maturation process.

A Cognac to enjoy in the traditional manner - neat, perhaps warmed in the hand for a few moments.  The perfect digestif.

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Grande Champagne
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De Luze Extra Expression

De Luze Extra Expression

No tasting review available.

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