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Fins Bois
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Bourgoin Cognac

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Color: Amber color. 

Nose: Intense coconut nose, influenced by fatty acids. 

Palate: notes of currant, stewed apricots and quince dominate.

Kasvuala ja pinnas: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


Bourgoin Double Lies 2012: a Bold Cognac With a Bold Look

As indicated by the name, this original and high-quality winegrower's Cognac has been distilled with double the lies (also known as lees) usually contained in the wine. This process allows for additional extraction of esters to create an incomparable aromatic intensity. With an impressive 200 milligram of esters per liter, the Bourgoin Double Lies 2012 Cognac contains three times more of these flavor components than what you would expect to find in a standard Cognac. It is the Maillard reaction between the lees and the copper which has created this extraction, making it a completely natural process.

The work and the overall vision of the house of Bourgoin is wonderfully expressed in this release. Made entirely with grapes from the somewhat underrated Fins Bois terroir, it is a must-try for Cognac fanatics and bound to impress all lovers of truly great eaux-de-vie. It’s presented at 45% ABV, giving it a wonderful depth of flavor that lingers on the palate.

The house of Bourgoin is a contemporary craft Cognac producer that creates atypical and unique eaux-de-vie. Dedicating expertise to cultivating the very best vines, they are known for developing flavorful expressions through the most natural means possible. With a drive to re-establish Cognac within the French market, Maison Bourgoin offers a unique range of Cognac and non-Cognac products. The brand is also known for its strong branding identity which enables their Cognacs to stand out from the crowd.

Presentation of the Bottle

Presented in a modern decanter, the design of this release embodies the house of Bourgoin’s identity as one of the hottest contemporary Cognac brands on the market. The bottle’s bold font, emphasized by a black and white color scheme, allows this Cognac to stand proud on the shelf.

How to Enjoy Bourgoin Double Lies 2012

To truly appreciate this Cognac, we recommend drinking it neat from a delicate tulip glass at room temperature. The full strength of this expression is part of its charm, but feel free to add a dash of water or some ice if you find it on the stronger side. 

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