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Deau Vintage 2006 Pineau des Charentes

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Vintage aasta
Pineau tüüp
White Pineau
DEAU Cognac

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Color: A splendid gold, projecting a radiant brilliance and clarity that delight the senses.

Nose: A captivating, fruity allure graced by notes of citrus, subtly nuanced by the sophisticated presence of rancio.

Palate: An exquisite harmony unfolds, balancing the sweetness of the grape with the potent charm of the Cognac. The culmination is a complex, woody finale, weaving a tapestry of flavors that linger, telling tales of its vintage essence.


Deau Vintage 2006 Pineau des Charentes

a true masterpiece is the Deau Vintage 2006 Pineau des Charentes. This limited-edition treasure showcases the maison’s mastery, born from the select harvest of the year 2000. Expressing remarkable power and generosity, this Pineau des Charentes is an eloquent ode to the meticulous art of Cognac creation and a tribute to a memorable millésime.

Presentation of the bottle

Clad in a bottle that echoes elegance and exclusivity, the Deau Vintage 2006 Pineau des Charentes is not just bottled Cognac; it’s a vessel of history, craftsmanship, and a particular year’s legacy. Each bottle, a guardian of the 2006 harvest’s character and charm, brings with it a rush of authenticity and limited availability.

How to drink

This exquisite Pineau des Charentes Millésime unveils its full array of aromas and flavors when savored with mindful appreciation of its millésimé magnificence. Consider enjoying it chilled, allowing each note to resonate with purity and express the unique character of the 2006 vintage.

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