Deau Pineau des Charentes Blanc

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Color: Enveloped in a magnificent blonde, the Pineau reveals a translucent allure with light amber reflections.

Nose: It greets with the refreshing breezes of fresh flowers, subtly graced by whispers of rancio, creating an aromatic tapestry of complexity.

Palate: A journey through a landscape of smooth sweetness, where the gentle embrace of honey melds with nuanced acidic notes, creating a harmonious symphony that lingers, leaving a lasting impression of delightful length.


Deau Pineau des Charentes Blanc

Deau Pineau des Charentes Blanc is a meticulous blend born from the subtleties of the esteemed "Ugni Blanc" grape. Delicately composed of grape musts seamlessly interwoven with the spirited vivacity of Cognac eau-de-vie, this Pineau Blanc is a testament to patience and precision. Aged gracefully for a minimum of 18 months within the embrace of oak barrels, it unveils itself in a ballet of translucence, portraying a splendid blonde hue with soft amber whispers.

Presentation of the bottle

The bottle itself is an invitation, suggesting the delicate allure that awaits within. It holds the promise of a Pineau that carries the legacy of traditional craftsmanship, aged gracefully to achieve its nuanced character.

How to drink

Dau Pineau des Charentes Blanc is best experienced when allowed to express its multifaceted character freely. Consider serving it chilled to truly appreciate its well-rounded nuances and intricate flavors that unfold with each sip.

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